Thursdays are for something

Not sure exactly what they are good for, but as far as I can tell, it is to get people to Friday, which means they get a mini vacation from work. This week it means I get to ride with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. I hope we will have a good ride. Finding a good spot to ride in the local area is not as easy as one might think. My friend doesn’t have as much time as me so I am hoping to pick a spot that she will enjoy.

Fountainhead is not so bad, but still not a great ride in my opinion…. I mean it is very close, but a really good ride, not really. Laurel Hill, okay fast, easy and much closer, but fun and a good ride, nah. Wakefield…. uh I never go there. So where? I am hoping to ride up in Maryland on some trails in Patapsco. But, I don’t really know the trails up there all that well so maybe I will ride down here. It is not good to have to make decisions about where to ride.

If all goes well and it won’t, but I will be racing on Saturday. Now do I mean RACING? Or just riding on a course I paid to ride? I suspect the latter. I will try to go as fast as possible, and if there is a slight chance to do well I will do everything I am capable of to do my best. So I expect a mid-pack finish. Not much else to say, write or report. I am a truly boring person with very little going on in my like at the moment.

Just riding along.


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