The weather! Oh vey, the weather!

It isn’t so bad, just rain off and on the day leading up to a nine hour race, which could have made the course terrible, but it didn’t.

A quick report, I didn’t ride fast enough, I cut a side wall on my front tire the last lap and we (two person team) didn’t win. Longer report may follow but likely won’t. I know we finished in the top ten with ten laps in 9 hours for a total of 83 miles. Not bad for a day and I feel pretty good today. Not sore, not really all that tired, at least not physically, but I could use a couple hours of sleep. Yeah, as short as the race write up is, I really had a good time.

Rain off and on is what we have forecast for the next week, and with luck I should get to ride in the rain about 10 or so hours this week. Can’t wait. Honestly the weather until Friday has been phenomenal and hopefully the great stuff comes back soon.

A few pics and then I am going to watch the Giro! Sicily, what a truly lovely place, and I say that in all honestly. I absolutely loved out short time there.

On your mark!

The first real climb of the race.

I hope there is a guy in this picture, if not... well I will delete it and find the one with the guy

I feel good enough about this setup to post a picture.

I love road spray!


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