Yeah, so still sick! Why the Face?

I have been riding but seem to have a cold or some kind of death bringing disease running through my system. Riding isn’t all that great either because I feel like I have a cold that is causing me to sneeze and have a very stuffy nose. So what did I do? I entered a 65 mile race in Ohio for this coming weekend…. Good idea buddy.

Otherwise, it has gotten very warm very quickly and in spite of the rapid onset of the heat I LOVE it. Heat has always been a love of mine, too hot, maybe with the coffee, but too hot to be outside, almost never. It is very humid, and I have never loved humidity, so I am taking the good with the bad. I am trying to be outside as early as possible with Willie walking and then ride in the shade on the trails a little later in the day.

Riding slowly in the shade, but riding none-the-less. Miles are what I am after. Hours on the bike are what I need, but today I am resting, not because I am lazy, but because I feel like the illness that I have has been given a second life by riding way to hard this weekend. Hopefully a day off now gets me a good ride Saturday. A win? HAH, but a finish that I can be happy with.

In other news, and I know my friend will make it this far because (god knows why) he reads my ramblings, had a heart attack after a 600k brevet. He is doing well now and I hope for his continued recovery. He is the reason I try to ride these stupid long races, go on long get lost in the country rides and occasionally Brevets. He was and still is a role model for me, not only for riding, but for how to live life and how to be happy. With luck, the next time I see him he will be riding his bike to a good dinner. Get well as quickly as possible and listen to those doctors…. they do have a slight idea of what they are talking about.

I hope to ride many hundreds of miles with my friend on the gravel for many years to come.


One Response to “Yeah, so still sick! Why the Face?”

  1. Dale Brigham Says:

    Thanks, Ed, for those very kind words! I look forward to our first ride after I am able to do so.



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