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A couple of rides….

June 29, 2011

I did a few rides last week and weekend and had a pretty good time. I wish I had a few more pictures, I have none, but that is because a fellow I ride with had a little accident and really hyperextended his knee badly falling of a stunt. Me? I avoid those like the plague.

Before his tumble I took a picture of a fellow who normally takes the pictures but his face was obscured so unless I label it nobody will know who the picture is of other than Leaf Boy. Nor his name, but maybe I can get it to stick.

His real name is the skinnier less hairy Ed

Still no face for the less hairy skinnier Ed

What else…. Not much. Rosaryville in MD is fun and fast trail that is nice for a break from some of the rocks around here. I will take a friend there to do some riding and I think the ride will be fun. It is a quick 10 mile loop and two laps are easily doable so we will do at least two.

Yesterday felt like someone put concrete in my feet and then made me pedal. My legs were heavy, very heavy and the ride was one hour thirty of pain and suffering. I am not sure what is going on, but today I still feel pretty badly. Again a ride will take place and hopefully the legs will loosen up. Hopefully.

Otherwise I am preparing for the CCP 100 which will be a 100 mile death march, well more accurately and 33 or so mile death march because I believe that the first two laps are (in my current sad shape) going to be kind of fun, it will be the last lap that will be the killer.

A bit of trail on a 50 mile MTB ride

Coconino in the woods. Still working out some niggles...

That's right I am thinking!

Never forget!

Better news…. well none really. I have been trying to get out of this I fracking hate this place attitude but failing a bit. It has become almost a habit awaken and think I hate this place, but in all honestly I am trying to change that first thought to I dislike this place a bit which would a big improvement. Little steps, but is seems as if the best wife ever might be having a worse time than myself about living here at the moment. She is not having a great day at work and hasn’t had a great day in a very long time. I won’t go into detail, but I think rainy skies and cooler temps might be in my future.


Long week made longer by my inability to type

June 24, 2011

Not really, but typing is not my forte today. Geez, everything I type is missing letters or is not the word I want to be writing. I’ll show you. Maybe I won’t fix all my typos. Then you’ll have no idea what I’ve typed.

I have only really ridden once this week, which is bad, but what are you going to do when the legs, mind and motivation have all gone on vacation and left the rest of me lying like a lump on the couch? What I did was force them all off vacation and to the the Blue Ridge Challenge. Okay it is less of a challenge and more of a nice 56 mile ride with few cars and not so many angry drivers. I am tired of angry drivers…. maybe more on that later.

Just riding along

Are these the real Blue Ridges? I don't know, but they sure are pretty.

The ride went well, no massive problems and aside from the temps reaching 94 or so I had no problems. The problem was that in spite of having three bottles and food enough the 94 degrees was just a bit much. Loving the heat doesn’t mean that I don’t suffer from the effects of the sun. As the bike got put on the rack I realized I was suffering just a little for heat exhaustion. Everything was a bit fuzzy and very warm wasn’t the right word for the feeling I had. My skin got all goose bumpy and I knew I need some water. Fortunately the gas station around the corner was open, I filled up on h2o, coke and Twizzlers. Yes, I felt better quickly, but think I had some lingering effects yesterday. Never getting fully rehydrated left me feeling all kinds of drawn out yesterday. So I let motivation, legs and mind go back on vacation.

I planned on doing a ride in any case, until my car gave me the I am broken light. It, very likely, is having an issue with the FSI injectors, Audis (said with exasperation). So, now I will include ride pictures and make breakfast and head out for a ride.

Smoked Pork with a brown sugar rub and seasoned perfectly. Very juicy to boot.

It is going to be a looooongggggg week

June 20, 2011

The forecast is not good, in fact, it is pretty depressing. Rain, a bit more rain, and if I am lucky just a touch of thunderstorm. Woohoo! I needed a reason to sit at home and watch more TV and play more video games, well not really, I make up enough excuses to sit at home goofing off.

Maybe I will be able to find a place that is dry to ride this week, and I believe I will need to start looking at weather maps to find dry happy trails. One of these days I will live someplace that I have great weather and awesome trails out the front door of my house….. oh wait….. Where might that be? I don’t know, but unless there is a Hospital nearby (one that the best wife ever wants to work at) I won’t be going there.

Yeah, so, what did I do last weekend? Nothing. I did ride Sunday, but not where and how long I wanted, but that is pretty much my own fault. Well, that and more rain. I woke up 0615 to leave and it was raining outside so I checked the forecast and 95% chance of rain where I wanted to ride. Ack! Will I catch a break? Maybe this weekend.

On the way home from my local ride I ran into a pair of strollers and inside those strollers were 5 dogs. FIve Yorkies (and they are not my favorite breed) dressed in little dresses and a Tux. Freaking funniest thing I saw all day. I wish I had remembered I had a camera to take a picture. It is still something that will hopefully bring a smile on a bad day.

No pictures and no four year old girls on bikes with training wheels stomping me up climbs, but those stories will come.

Just hanging out, watching the Cards loose and

June 16, 2011

well riding just enough not to get massively obese. I am working on that getting really fat thing, trust me, eating is fun. But aside from food I am actually doing a fair bit of rolling around these little bitty old hills around here.

45 minutes into my ride and the first time I am not surrounded by cars!

I am also riding the mountain bike a bit too, but that didn’t go so well. When the ride began it was pretty sunny and warm but there were warnings of rain south of here. No worries, we are far north of those areas, so lets do two and a half laps (I hate doing laps of parks but it’s what I have here) but as nature would have it I would be able to do one.

That was dry five minutes ago! Really!

That was a dry creek when I road across it the first time!

Last but not least is this picture of what most of the bike lanes in the area look like. This is where the drivers expect me to ride and most don’t want me anywhere near the road to start with so they don’t even move over as they pass me. I get buzzed daily, and driven off the road weekly by cars and occasionally put into the ditch by semis. Please don’t forget yelled at when I go to the left of this line. I love the USA! Some things here are good, some things like riding the road is not.

It is narrower than it looks, really!

Yeah, I promised pictures, and it appears as though I wasn’t entirely truthful

June 10, 2011

Willie is thinking, "Where are the squirrels?"

I forgot to take my camera on my last few rides, but they have all been on the road and those pictures are pretty boring anyway. But I did see the massive Airbus 380 land out at Dulles. I got lost on my ride, and that will be todays story.

So, living here in the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A I have six or maybe seven routes that I do regularly and they vary from forty to ninety five miles. I can link parts of these rides together to have some different rides, but in general they are the same roads, just linked together differently, so a year in I have become very bored with these rides.

Yesterday I decide to go right instead of left at an intersection that takes me out to the Manassas battlefields. I really enjoy riding through the National Park, but thought maybe I could see something a little different. I did see different things. These things however where not good things.

I saw lots of cars, roads with no bike paths, strip malls, chain restaurants, and a guy getting his car searched for drugs by the cops. So, some of the ride was very interesting, and I had a lot better day than the guy getting tossed in jail. As I was riding along I kept thinking I am never going to vary from my routes again because yesterdays ride was pretty bad, but if I never explored I would not have found my current routes. So I will keep exploring.

Back to the Mohican 100(K). I am already making plans to return, not because I think it was the greatest race in the world, but I had a really good ride for 55 miles and a very bad 10.5 miles. Okay, the last five of the course that I had to ride after being lost stunk too, but I would have ridden them in any case so they can’t be bad…. Yeah I am crazy, but I want to try and get my under six hour 100(K) or maybe under ten hour 100 mile. Maybe.

The Mohican 100(K) race directors answer

June 8, 2011

Not my pics, none of me, but it shows the course.

In fairness I should let people know that the gentleman who ran the race finally got back to me, three days after my first email. Of course he has other folks emailing him too, so I do understand the delay, but still…. ARG!

He has assured me he will place me in the results with my finishing time from the Mohican 100(K) at the 8:35 or so hours mark, which is what I deserve as that is when I finished the race. He also mentioned two kids on BMX bikes pulling down markings on the course, and after my wrong turn I saw two kids just up the trail having a good old time. They looked a bit dodgy but I judge children way more harshly than I should. Mostly I just dislike them greatly. If the race director is correct in that the kids were the people that heisted the signage then I literally was the first person effected and the kids had a good laugh at me. In hindsight I should have turned back as soon as I thought I was going the wrong way, but two other guys assured me it was how we finished. My fault not making sure, but both guys were localish and assured me that we rode this way to go back…. they rode a whole lot farther than I did the wrong way.

Next year he needs to use sawdust markings like they do in Europe to mark courses. It is much harder to remove than one might think. Will I go back? I am not sure. My extended family lives close to the race and that would be the real draw, and I know about that last turn now!

All is well that ends well, and I must be happy that I rode the race, had no real issues and didn’t get injured. My placing is (in reality) of no great consequence and shouldn’t get me all riled up. But, I am me and that is just me.

Pictures tomorrow, or maybe today. Hope all is well and later.

Well at least I am listed in the results

June 7, 2011

As a DNF. Still not happy with the Mohican 100(K) because it was a pretty easy course and as fast as the race was I think I could have done it faster if had an idea of where the trail went. If I go back, to extract vengeance on the race I will actually be in shape. Holding a grudge is in my nature and doing well and not getting the result puts a bit of fire in my belly. The race reports I have read relay how bad the heat was and hard the course was and to be honest the first 20 miles were pretty good. It was the last 42 that made me wish I had a 34×18 to keep up a good speed. Next year…. maybe

Today I am going for a nice three or four hour road ride and then tomorrow back to the mountain bike. Hopefully I will get to do a big fun ride this weekend, 40 or so miles around the Stokesville area. It should be fun and if it all works out, it will be a good long day in the saddle.

Other than being back to normal for me life nothing is going on. Willie is doing Willie stuff, Mel is doing her working stuff and I am complaining about stuff the really doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. But, in reality, that is what I do best.

My next race is an unknown quantity as I haven’t decided what I will be doing. I am looking for one the weekend following this one, and racing gets my blood boiling and not being included in the results as a finisher really makes me mad and may provide the need push to try and destroy my competition.

Mid-August I may go up to a race to either race or heckle a friend, not sure which yet. It has been a long time since I have done a 24 hour race with any seriousness, this could be the one that gets me back to the 24 hour thing, or kills it forever. I must decide.

I am mad, the Mohican 100(K) is going to be the flash point for my anger for a good long time. It sucks to have worked so hard on the bike just to DNF’ed because the piss poor organization of the race can’t keep track of the racers. I won’t get over it for awhile, but I will make sure the next race I do I get my actual place by pestering the people at the finish to insure I get the place I deserve, be it last, first or in the middle.

If you have nothing good to say, write it down!

June 6, 2011

Why would you piss this guy off?

Back from the Mohican 100(k) and very, very disappointed. Not with myself, so much mind you, but with what happened at the end of the race. I got lost, due to (at least what the race coordinator tells me) children who thought it would be funny to remove course tape. Well it wasn’t funny, I am not sure I believe the guy and at least five people I know of personally got lost at the exact same place at entirely different times. Me, about 5 hours and 28 minutes and 38 seconds as I went through Aid station five. Others, over six hours and the others sometime around 7 hours. Very bad way to end a day on the bike. I am positive at the point of getting lost I was in, at worst, 5th place, I do believe I was in 4th actually. I found the course set up for what I do best, climb up big gravel road climbs, fly down slightly rocky trails and just hanging on to the fast guys in the single track parts of the course. Also, I had a day where I felt precisely zero freaking pain. To top it all off, this is the SECOND race I have finished and not been in the official results, and to say I am angry about that after the terribly marked up course is an understatement.


I didn’t want the glass, I don’t want the t-shirt, I don’t want the memories, I am sick of thinking about the race, I am angry that I may have been able to finish in the top ten for the first time in a long time and was (IMO) screwed out of that by a half assed marked up course and now I am not in the results AT ALL really makes me more than angry. Maybe it is hard to put on a race, I don’t know all the stuff he/she does, but the least that could be done is making sure the last turn on a course is marked….. Enough of the bad…. at least for now. I have sent then race an email and we will see what happens with my being placed in the results, I hope that they at least DNF me to show that I at least was at the race, because right now it looks like I didn’t even show up. Yeah the race sucked. I would suggest that nobody does this race EVER.

Having written that, I am debating heading back next year as I think I can do the 100(K) in under 6:30 and I would like to have a good finishing time. Maybe, it will depend on what the race organizer does about my time, and how he/she replied to my email.