The Mohican 100(K) race directors answer

Not my pics, none of me, but it shows the course.

In fairness I should let people know that the gentleman who ran the race finally got back to me, three days after my first email. Of course he has other folks emailing him too, so I do understand the delay, but still…. ARG!

He has assured me he will place me in the results with my finishing time from the Mohican 100(K) at the 8:35 or so hours mark, which is what I deserve as that is when I finished the race. He also mentioned two kids on BMX bikes pulling down markings on the course, and after my wrong turn I saw two kids just up the trail having a good old time. They looked a bit dodgy but I judge children way more harshly than I should. Mostly I just dislike them greatly. If the race director is correct in that the kids were the people that heisted the signage then I literally was the first person effected and the kids had a good laugh at me. In hindsight I should have turned back as soon as I thought I was going the wrong way, but two other guys assured me it was how we finished. My fault not making sure, but both guys were localish and assured me that we rode this way to go back…. they rode a whole lot farther than I did the wrong way.

Next year he needs to use sawdust markings like they do in Europe to mark courses. It is much harder to remove than one might think. Will I go back? I am not sure. My extended family lives close to the race and that would be the real draw, and I know about that last turn now!

All is well that ends well, and I must be happy that I rode the race, had no real issues and didn’t get injured. My placing is (in reality) of no great consequence and shouldn’t get me all riled up. But, I am me and that is just me.

Pictures tomorrow, or maybe today. Hope all is well and later.


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