Yeah, I promised pictures, and it appears as though I wasn’t entirely truthful

Willie is thinking, "Where are the squirrels?"

I forgot to take my camera on my last few rides, but they have all been on the road and those pictures are pretty boring anyway. But I did see the massive Airbus 380 land out at Dulles. I got lost on my ride, and that will be todays story.

So, living here in the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A I have six or maybe seven routes that I do regularly and they vary from forty to ninety five miles. I can link parts of these rides together to have some different rides, but in general they are the same roads, just linked together differently, so a year in I have become very bored with these rides.

Yesterday I decide to go right instead of left at an intersection that takes me out to the Manassas battlefields. I really enjoy riding through the National Park, but thought maybe I could see something a little different. I did see different things. These things however where not good things.

I saw lots of cars, roads with no bike paths, strip malls, chain restaurants, and a guy getting his car searched for drugs by the cops. So, some of the ride was very interesting, and I had a lot better day than the guy getting tossed in jail. As I was riding along I kept thinking I am never going to vary from my routes again because yesterdays ride was pretty bad, but if I never explored I would not have found my current routes. So I will keep exploring.

Back to the Mohican 100(K). I am already making plans to return, not because I think it was the greatest race in the world, but I had a really good ride for 55 miles and a very bad 10.5 miles. Okay, the last five of the course that I had to ride after being lost stunk too, but I would have ridden them in any case so they can’t be bad…. Yeah I am crazy, but I want to try and get my under six hour 100(K) or maybe under ten hour 100 mile. Maybe.


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