Just hanging out, watching the Cards loose and

well riding just enough not to get massively obese. I am working on that getting really fat thing, trust me, eating is fun. But aside from food I am actually doing a fair bit of rolling around these little bitty old hills around here.

45 minutes into my ride and the first time I am not surrounded by cars!

I am also riding the mountain bike a bit too, but that didn’t go so well. When the ride began it was pretty sunny and warm but there were warnings of rain south of here. No worries, we are far north of those areas, so lets do two and a half laps (I hate doing laps of parks but it’s what I have here) but as nature would have it I would be able to do one.

That was dry five minutes ago! Really!

That was a dry creek when I road across it the first time!

Last but not least is this picture of what most of the bike lanes in the area look like. This is where the drivers expect me to ride and most don’t want me anywhere near the road to start with so they don’t even move over as they pass me. I get buzzed daily, and driven off the road weekly by cars and occasionally put into the ditch by semis. Please don’t forget yelled at when I go to the left of this line. I love the USA! Some things here are good, some things like riding the road is not.

It is narrower than it looks, really!


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