It is going to be a looooongggggg week

The forecast is not good, in fact, it is pretty depressing. Rain, a bit more rain, and if I am lucky just a touch of thunderstorm. Woohoo! I needed a reason to sit at home and watch more TV and play more video games, well not really, I make up enough excuses to sit at home goofing off.

Maybe I will be able to find a place that is dry to ride this week, and I believe I will need to start looking at weather maps to find dry happy trails. One of these days I will live someplace that I have great weather and awesome trails out the front door of my house….. oh wait….. Where might that be? I don’t know, but unless there is a Hospital nearby (one that the best wife ever wants to work at) I won’t be going there.

Yeah, so, what did I do last weekend? Nothing. I did ride Sunday, but not where and how long I wanted, but that is pretty much my own fault. Well, that and more rain. I woke up 0615 to leave and it was raining outside so I checked the forecast and 95% chance of rain where I wanted to ride. Ack! Will I catch a break? Maybe this weekend.

On the way home from my local ride I ran into a pair of strollers and inside those strollers were 5 dogs. FIve Yorkies (and they are not my favorite breed) dressed in little dresses and a Tux. Freaking funniest thing I saw all day. I wish I had remembered I had a camera to take a picture. It is still something that will hopefully bring a smile on a bad day.

No pictures and no four year old girls on bikes with training wheels stomping me up climbs, but those stories will come.


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