A couple of rides….

I did a few rides last week and weekend and had a pretty good time. I wish I had a few more pictures, I have none, but that is because a fellow I ride with had a little accident and really hyperextended his knee badly falling of a stunt. Me? I avoid those like the plague.

Before his tumble I took a picture of a fellow who normally takes the pictures but his face was obscured so unless I label it nobody will know who the picture is of other than Leaf Boy. Nor his name, but maybe I can get it to stick.

His real name is the skinnier less hairy Ed

Still no face for the less hairy skinnier Ed

What else…. Not much. Rosaryville in MD is fun and fast trail that is nice for a break from some of the rocks around here. I will take a friend there to do some riding and I think the ride will be fun. It is a quick 10 mile loop and two laps are easily doable so we will do at least two.

Yesterday felt like someone put concrete in my feet and then made me pedal. My legs were heavy, very heavy and the ride was one hour thirty of pain and suffering. I am not sure what is going on, but today I still feel pretty badly. Again a ride will take place and hopefully the legs will loosen up. Hopefully.

Otherwise I am preparing for the CCP 100 which will be a 100 mile death march, well more accurately and 33 or so mile death march because I believe that the first two laps are (in my current sad shape) going to be kind of fun, it will be the last lap that will be the killer.

A bit of trail on a 50 mile MTB ride

Coconino in the woods. Still working out some niggles...

That's right I am thinking!

Never forget!

Better news…. well none really. I have been trying to get out of this I fracking hate this place attitude but failing a bit. It has become almost a habit awaken and think I hate this place, but in all honestly I am trying to change that first thought to I dislike this place a bit which would a big improvement. Little steps, but is seems as if the best wife ever might be having a worse time than myself about living here at the moment. She is not having a great day at work and hasn’t had a great day in a very long time. I won’t go into detail, but I think rainy skies and cooler temps might be in my future.


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