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Just waiting for Wille

July 28, 2011

He is sleeping in after he woke me up at 0530, good pup that Willie is.

Finishing off the cereal


Otherwise I am getting ready for the Wilderness 101.  Getting ready is a term I will use loosely.  Physically I will never be ready, mentally I have the knowledge that I have done three big 65 milers this year and that gives me a bit of confidence that finishing will be possible.  I have no illusions of winning anything but I hope to have fun  and at least break the 12 hour mark.


Hopefully I have a better start to the race than the Iron  Mountain race but if not….  I don’t know, quitting is not what I do.  Today I am going to spin short little ride and then do some food shopping for the race this weekend.  That will involve driving all over this little town in which I live.  Not good because the traffic seems worse than usual.  I believe that there are more tourists in the area and these people don’t normally drive on crowded road and they drive scared.  Suggesting public transit would be foolish because it never runs on time or has reliable ways to leave the station because the escalators never work.  I love DC.

I need to get the pup up and out the door.


Truth time

July 25, 2011

Last week was HOT! I like hot, but sheesh man not that hot. It was, literally, 100 degrees in the shade and at least 85% humidity. So it was pleasant…. no, not really, it was stinking awful.

That is really only one reason that I didn’t ride so much, the other and likely most real reason is I was very tired after the Iron Mountain race. I know I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and all that jazz, but in reality I did push it a little hard towards the end of the race and rode through some cramps. And my family was (more of less) in town.

They were in Ft. Monroe down by Newport News on the coast in VA. I spent a couple of days hanging out with them and really enjoyed the time. It turns out my niece has decided to be fast. Now she is just a six year old, but she would kill any of those four year olds with training wheels. We did three rides and I do believe in the three rides we did around 12 miles. The first day we rode was really long IMO for a six year old, I would have to guess it was over 5 miles the other two rides were a bit shorter. That was likely because the temps were very hot. Don’t tell my niece this, but I think if she rides for a few more years, she will be faster than me. Not good.

I think I will let this post die, I have no pictures at least to post yet but I’ll leave you with this…..

This is from a place called Bellas in Abingdon VA. Good food.

Aid 3 and onto the mid pack!

July 21, 2011

All I see is pain!

I hit Aid 3 feeling just a bit better, but they had Coke and I saw a rider looking so dejected that I was sure she had quit. She had, but it wasn’t her fault, her bike was broken, but it was her look of dejection that forced me to leave without so much as another thought of stopping.

Well walking was going to be something that I knew was going to be required, and knowing that I was prepared for the massively long climb out of Aid 3, but I am not sure what happened, Coke or I was just beginning to feel better, the climb was not so bad. I did hop off and walk for just a minute, but the thought came, why keep anything in reserve? Lets ride everything we can, the day is shot and I am not going to finish any better than last year. My first half of the race had been so bad…

Last good picture of the ride, and yes I looked much worse earlier!

I just rode until I just couldn’t keep the pedals turning over and to be honest, I really didn’t walk all that much. It seemed as if the trails had flattened out a bit and that even when I had to walk, my heart seemed to slow down as it is supposed to do when I was not killing myself turning over the pedals. My legs also seemed to just wake up and realized that after Aid 4 it was (nearly) all downhill! So I rode and kind of jogged and rode and kind of loped along until the descent into Aid 4.

Look into the distance and you should see a rider. I passed him on a descent!

To be honest I descend like a little girl afraid of her own shadow, well that isn’t fair, she would descend faster than me most days, but I had people I had been chasing all day and I could actually feel that I was making time on them. So I just let my brakes go and went for it…. Well as much I felt confident of, at least.

Last year I was cursing the descent into Aid 4, and then the descent to the end of the race, but this day I was wishing for more of descent. I finally felt like everything was working and I was finally passing folks. Mind you, for a better than 45th place, not first or second, but still, small victories. The run into Aid 4 is a bit treacherous and has one very bad corner. I thought I could ride it today, and likely could have, but in a moment of realization, I am not an ace downhiller, I am, at best, competent. So I hopped off the bike walked the crazy corner and jumped over the creek and back onto the bike. Then I saw Aid 4

Aid 4 was a great sight. I still have no idea how long it is to the end of the race, but I knew after this there was more downhill than climbing. I talked with the guys at the Aid station and joked for a minute and had three guys just ride through the Aid Station without stopping. It was at this point I knew (and I am normally this person) I had victims to pass, I had rabbits to chase and I was positive I could and would catch them. So off I went.

So I picked them off one at a time up the next climb, and then started picking off riders on the slightly (for VA) rocky descents to the short climbs that marks the end of the race. This continued until I realized I was actually on the final descent to the finish. I just let the brakes go and figured I would either catch a few more guys or flat and loose all the places I had gained. As luck would have it I caught three guys for real, actually passing them on the descent and one who was fixing his tire.

The fellow sitting on the table flatted.

I rode with him on and off all day and felt bad for him, but such is riding. So I crossed the line in five minutes more time that last year. I blame the added time on the really bad start, and the fact it wasn’t worse on the really good last 25 miles. Next year? Maybe.

PS: I won the slightly larger than normal folks race. What did I win? The knowledge that among the bigger folks I am not the slowest. The winner beat me by two hours.

So just a bit about the Iron Mountain 100K

July 20, 2011

Starting out, I and the people behind me still hopeful for a good race

Last year I had a much better early day and much worse later and this year it was much the opposite. As the race began I felt as if my heart, legs and lungs were all arguing with each other. While my legs felt a bit heavy and just a bit weak the lungs felt really good, and the heart, that thing was just racing from the second I woke up. My heart just didn’t seem to want to get down to a resting rate instead it seemed to racing constantly, and that made for some really hard riding.

After the warmup out to the trail we hit the first climb…. It was more a walk for a mile for me and most of the others at the race, but a few guys insisted of riding and falling over and causing a whole bunch of stop and go walking, which is almost as bad as stop and go traffic. Anyway we get to the top of the hill and I remember this really sketchy descent, but as it had rained the day before, it turned out to be a very fast and very fun descent, until I came up behind a rider who just wasn’t going as fast as I felt I could have. Now I could have been all angry and forced my way by, but we had a long race to go. I just wish everybody had been on the same page about the long race still coming up. Anyway, we all safely got to the bottom then this came up…..

A road

I drafted these guys for a few minutes and then my heart just seemed to start beating at 220 beats per minute, so I had to pull back and slow down just a bit, which was not cool. After a few minutes I turned onto a trail and started to climb. By this time my heart and legs just felt really bad and me riding just turned into me walking and wondering what was wrong. I still don’t know, but at this time in the race I wanted to quit. I told myself at Aid 2 I would quit if my legs didn’t start to feel better and on I trudged.

It was easy, last year!

So I arrived at Aid 2 and grab a couple of bottles ate a whole bag of Twizzlers and took off and was sure that by Aid 3 I would stop if I didn’t start to feel better. So tomorrow I will continue with the saga of my mid pack finish.

My terrible leg

I have been busy

July 20, 2011

And too lazy to update. Very quickly, I raced, I have ridden, and I saw my family. My car is back in my hands, it works but half of what I asked to have done to it wasn’t done. Oh and Audi of Tysons corner broke bits of it and blamed me. They suck.

A better post and pictures from the Iron Mountain 100K later when I am not typing with one hand. Willie is hanging out with me and I am petting him.

Be good and pics to follow…. I miss riding in the Alps.

Nothing good to say

July 12, 2011

So I will say nothing at all.  Except that my car has been at the dealer for a week, cost me 3200 dollars and the Audi of Tyson’s Corner damaged it when it was in to have some minor damage fixed.  Then Kevin, the “service representative”, accused me of lying about the damage.  Audi of Tyson’s Corner is a bad place to do business.

Overcharging for services, for cost of tires and replacing them with lesser quality, and just plain indifference seem to be their habit.  I am not happy, I will not be made happy and the Audi needs to look into that dealership.

Otherwise, trapped in Woodbridge for anther week because of my car…..

Tired of being here and need a vacation….  too bad I had to spend all of my money on my FREAKING AUDI.

Gettysburg, a day in the sun

July 6, 2011

So sitting here waiting for the AC guy. When we bought the house the AC had a water leak and we asked to have it fixed properly before we moved in here. They didn’t fix it apparently. We have more water coming out of the AC than our sink right now. I am not happy and I am really trying not to think that we got screwed. I am getting screwed right now as the AC repair guy is already supposed to be here and he/she isn’t.

I have to go for a ride because I am getting rotund. Kind of like a small bear getting ready for winter. If I was a bear I would sleep for 4 months and loose it all, but instead I will just eat more all winter long, but that is in a few months.

Yesterday I looked at the Garmin for my milage. 670 for last month minus all the races I did, as I don’t record those. I hate looking at my Garmin as I race and get all caught up with MPH instead of finishing. 670 isn’t so bad, and I have been riding more mile every month since March. March was 950 miles and after my non-placing in the Ouichita Challenge, then the adding of minutes to my time and a really bad result I was off the bike for a lot of time. Coming up to the CCP I was riding a bunch of MTB and even though the miles are not as big as they should be the time on the bike was really good. Now no CCP. Motivation runs away.

Still no AC guy, he should be here….

This is what Willie thinks of me missing the CCP

Just chilling and hating!

July 5, 2011

My stupid Audi. Freaking car is costing way too much to fix and I have to get it fixed, so that means I have spent the money I had put aside for the CCP to fix my car. That means I, in all likelihood, will not be out in Oregon when the race starts because I will be sitting in my car instead. I may live it that stupid thing because the repair work is costing more than a house payment. Stupid car.

Better news, the wife and I went to West Virginia for the weekend and it was nice. Lots of bugs, but even more quite. The best dog ever, AKA Willie, had a very good weekend too. He chased squirrels, rabbits, deer and my hat. He has taken to thinking my hat is a very fun thing to chase, toss in the air, and run about as if it is a huge trophy. It is good because it makes me smile.

We also went to Gettysberg and that was okay too. Pics to follow tomorrow.

What else? Not much really. I will be heading out for a spin shortly. It will be warm and slightly shorter than I want. The reason behind the shortness will be that, I don’t know, lack of motivation. I am not is shape to blaze around the CCP course, but a 12:30 or so was what I hoped for. Now, seeing as I will be sitting in an Audi instead, I really don’t need to be in any kind of good shape. Freaking cars.