Just chilling and hating!

My stupid Audi. Freaking car is costing way too much to fix and I have to get it fixed, so that means I have spent the money I had put aside for the CCP to fix my car. That means I, in all likelihood, will not be out in Oregon when the race starts because I will be sitting in my car instead. I may live it that stupid thing because the repair work is costing more than a house payment. Stupid car.

Better news, the wife and I went to West Virginia for the weekend and it was nice. Lots of bugs, but even more quite. The best dog ever, AKA Willie, had a very good weekend too. He chased squirrels, rabbits, deer and my hat. He has taken to thinking my hat is a very fun thing to chase, toss in the air, and run about as if it is a huge trophy. It is good because it makes me smile.

We also went to Gettysberg and that was okay too. Pics to follow tomorrow.

What else? Not much really. I will be heading out for a spin shortly. It will be warm and slightly shorter than I want. The reason behind the shortness will be that, I don’t know, lack of motivation. I am not is shape to blaze around the CCP course, but a 12:30 or so was what I hoped for. Now, seeing as I will be sitting in an Audi instead, I really don’t need to be in any kind of good shape. Freaking cars.


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