Gettysburg, a day in the sun

So sitting here waiting for the AC guy. When we bought the house the AC had a water leak and we asked to have it fixed properly before we moved in here. They didn’t fix it apparently. We have more water coming out of the AC than our sink right now. I am not happy and I am really trying not to think that we got screwed. I am getting screwed right now as the AC repair guy is already supposed to be here and he/she isn’t.

I have to go for a ride because I am getting rotund. Kind of like a small bear getting ready for winter. If I was a bear I would sleep for 4 months and loose it all, but instead I will just eat more all winter long, but that is in a few months.

Yesterday I looked at the Garmin for my milage. 670 for last month minus all the races I did, as I don’t record those. I hate looking at my Garmin as I race and get all caught up with MPH instead of finishing. 670 isn’t so bad, and I have been riding more mile every month since March. March was 950 miles and after my non-placing in the Ouichita Challenge, then the adding of minutes to my time and a really bad result I was off the bike for a lot of time. Coming up to the CCP I was riding a bunch of MTB and even though the miles are not as big as they should be the time on the bike was really good. Now no CCP. Motivation runs away.

Still no AC guy, he should be here….

This is what Willie thinks of me missing the CCP


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