Truth time

Last week was HOT! I like hot, but sheesh man not that hot. It was, literally, 100 degrees in the shade and at least 85% humidity. So it was pleasant…. no, not really, it was stinking awful.

That is really only one reason that I didn’t ride so much, the other and likely most real reason is I was very tired after the Iron Mountain race. I know I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and all that jazz, but in reality I did push it a little hard towards the end of the race and rode through some cramps. And my family was (more of less) in town.

They were in Ft. Monroe down by Newport News on the coast in VA. I spent a couple of days hanging out with them and really enjoyed the time. It turns out my niece has decided to be fast. Now she is just a six year old, but she would kill any of those four year olds with training wheels. We did three rides and I do believe in the three rides we did around 12 miles. The first day we rode was really long IMO for a six year old, I would have to guess it was over 5 miles the other two rides were a bit shorter. That was likely because the temps were very hot. Don’t tell my niece this, but I think if she rides for a few more years, she will be faster than me. Not good.

I think I will let this post die, I have no pictures at least to post yet but I’ll leave you with this…..

This is from a place called Bellas in Abingdon VA. Good food.


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