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Shenandoah 100

August 31, 2011

I got in, and I am not ready. I don’t have food for the race, I don’t have supplies for the race and I don’t have the fitness for the race. So I am going for sure.

Having really no chance to do well has really removed any pressure I had placed on myself for finishing in a certain time. Honestly anything over 12:30 will be considered a failure, but that is really a lot of time to finish a 100 miler. Can I do it, you know finish in that time? I suspect yes. I am not taking lights, I just don’t think I will need them and if I do, I think I will just take that ride of shame back to the campground. Maybe I will take one light, just in case.

Today I am off for a ride, about five hours or so, depending on what transpires today. I have to a few things to do, such as buy food and supplies for a race I didn’t think I was doing and just some general puttering around the house.

Willie is itching like crazy, I don’t know what is up with him, but he has been after his own skin for about a week. He gets some bacon fat this evening to see if that helps. He may just have really dry skin. Poor fellow, he is also driving me up the wall with his constant itching and biting on himself. The vet might be first thing next week.

Not much else…. I want to ride my mountain bike, but trees are down everywhere and even though there are people who get paid to clear trail here, they are waiting until the local bike club comes out to do it Saturday. Stay happy, ride safe and have a good day, I will be trying.


Hurricane Irene and the hurricane that really wasn’t

August 29, 2011

So we rode it out, and it wasn’t bad. WE GOT LUCKY! We all know that we got lucky and next time maybe we won’t, but this time Irene kind of just ruined a weekend. We walked Willie pre-storm, and it was actually pretty nice, then went and did some last minute shopping, coffee, toffee covered popcorn, and some diet Coke. You know the essentials. Had the hurricane actually knocked out power (we have a generator) we would have at least had caffeine, and believe me that could have been really bad.

Storm pictures.

Out into the storm to do some business!!!!

A touch of rain water

That tree fell, roots were totally pulled out.

So today was a little old spin around town for fun. I didn’t really have much fun, but I did have a ride. Too many freaking cars, too many freaking cars. Still it was nice to be able to leave the house and not be wind blown and soaked in seconds. I looked for damage from the storm, and found almost none. So was the storm a bust? No. It is still wreaking havoc up north of us with floods and power outages everywhere. WE JUST GOT LUCKY.

This is today.

Lots of cars, lots of angry people and just one little ole me

This didn't happen often

A great road, a gentle (14%) grade and one happy me (no cars)

This poor tree is the only real bit of damage I witnessed

Rain, pre-Hurricane!

August 27, 2011

So far not a drop of rain, a bit of wind and we are hoping for much ado about nothing. We are really hoping for a bust of a storm, but are prepared for the worst. We have a generator, a lot of food and water and most importantly Willie who will protect us from anything bad.

I did a ride yesterday and took zero photos. It sucked. I was in a “I hate this place mood” all day long, but with the impending storm I figured I needed to do something. I rolled for 50 miles and just never got rid of traffic. Every road had cars on it and the bike path was full of unhappy people. It wasn’t pleasant. Whatever, I go on vacation soon and in spite of not hanging with WIllie, it will be nice to get out of here. I hope I want to come back.

So the ride Thursday, involved plans of a 40 mile road, gravel and single track but was cut short by a huge thunderstorm. So an hour and a half into the ride, I was home. Next week, hopefully I will get in a good ride. There is an off chance I will go down and help clean up the SM 100 course, if it needs it. That would be cool. I love those trails.

Yes, I left with that in the sky!

It poured! This was five minutes after the rain began

Will it ever stop!

Wet roads, drivers on cell phones, I was very careful!

Quick post so I can ride

August 25, 2011

I need to ride more, so I will be leaving shortly. I need to type this, pet Willie, change clothes and head out the door before Irene shows up. I don’t like that chick. She is getting ready to ruin my life, in slow motion, on TV, then in fast motion with a lot of wind in real life. So today is a ride, tomorrow too, the I hole up in the house mid day Saturday until late afternoon Sunday. I will take some pictures but suspect electricity, internet, and any other service will be out for a few days.

So here are some pictures of a ride I did, then another day I choose not to drive but rather ride to do some errands. I was a kind of Eco boy for a day….

I am off, Willie petting in action currently!

3 hours and not one thing to take a picture of (you should never end a sentence with a dangling preposition)

August 23, 2011

Rolling for three hours of sheer boredom. Nothing to see here! What else did I do? I walked Willie, I walked him again and then ate some really good Barbeque. So all in all a pretty good day, except for the ride.

I hope we go back this year

Realizing that all rides can’t be great, this one was especially boring. I have ridden this route, or parts of the route since we arrived here last year. I found the riding a bit awful and instead of finding new and better roads to ride I have really had to limit the roads I ride. The drivers are pretty angry and seem to actually try to squash you. Yesterday only two people actually tried to hit me. That is down from the usual 5 or 6.

Maybe living overseas has made me more aware of how dangerous these roads are or maybe they are just dangerous in general. Whatever the case I am once again counting the days until I get to go out West. Are the people different? Yes, not as fat and not nearly as many per square mile. It will be a nice break from this madness.

Looking for a picture to put up…. Stay safe out there.

If you’re here for the brilliant photos today will not be good

August 20, 2011

Yesterday no pictures where taken, but bikes where ridden. The fastest boy (now young man) on earth again showed me how I gave him his nickname. He again schooled me on how to ride and how fast it can be done. It was a very good and very fun to ride with him and I must make it out to ride in his home town. With luck, soon.

Otherwise all is well. The weather has been a bit unsettled lately, nice days followed by massive rain storms and believe me WIllie is no fan of that weather pattern. He hates the thunder and when it begins to get all noisy and scary for him I have to, and by have to I mean it really helps him forget what is going on so he won’t turn all white haired from worry, throw toys and play with him. It is fun for me because he just forgets everything else and runs around tearing up his toys and slipping and sliding all over the floor. He likes it because he totally forgets about the outside. He is a bit crazy, but puppyhood for that little guy was not good, so I understand.

Currently I am in negotiations for a ride today. I would like to roll the big wheeled machine of personal pain for at least 35 to 45 miles…. does this mean I will manage that? No, but I hope to at least try.

Hope you guys (I had a whole 10 hits yesterday, sorry all of you and actually that is not my biggest day, if any of you come back today, again sorry go ride a bike, for a walk or just pet you dog ((or if you must cat)) have a good day, I will and do something good.

Here he is! Waiting patiently.

Yesterday with the Burleigh twins

August 19, 2011

Okay they aren’t twins, but riding with them is always fun and generally a lesson in how far I still have to go to have the skillz for actually riding well. So what awesome ride did I take these not twins on? Fountainhead.

Now before you judge me, and believe me I was asking myself if the trail was good enough for them, it was the best trail to ride with the amount of time we had. The “fastest boy (now young man) on earth” rode like the wind and looked good and his sister who I don’t have a good nickname for because I can’t think of one that truly fits her rode well and in spite of not riding mountain bikes for awhile did a great job. Me? Well I kind of trudged along trying to be smooth and look good, so I failed. Oh well, I had fun riding with them. I hope to ride with the “girl with no nickname” Monday. We will seen.

I think she is in this picture

Just chilling

Moving fast, or just bad exposure?

Nice bunny hop! At least 10 feet tall, or about 12". Still higher than I can hop.

Another day, another day in the ditch

August 18, 2011

Yes, I did fall into a ditch and it was a total mental lapse and I will most surely do it again.

Yes I actually rode off the bridge

Aside from that little off the bike moment I had a very uneventful ride. 35 miles of a mix of gravel, asphalt and trail. Mostly road really, but I don’t like driving 7 miles to ride my mountain bike. Anyway because the ride was pretty much uneventful I don’t have much to describe.

As far as days went it was also very uneventful. Not much good happened and nothing really bad happened so it was pleasant. A few more pictures from the ride and I will finish eating breakfast and prepare to do it all over again.


My day, most of it anyway, in pictures….

August 16, 2011

and then one that is traffic around here on a regular basis



Today is the best wife ever birthday. Happy birthday, hope I don’t mess it up.

Last but not least, TRAFFIC!!!!!

I apologize. I have been lazy

August 15, 2011

I took four days off riding, didn’t feel like writing and bought a sewing machine. A sewing machine? Yes. The machine is easy to use, but hard to use well. I am working on it. Why? Well honestly I have a lot of ideas about making my current cycling clothes work better for me and I have tons of time.

What else is going on in the NO(orthern)V(irgini)A? Not much, really. No entry into the SM 100 means I am hoping to get an email for the race organizer saying he has one for me so I can get stomped. To be honest I am not in great shape at the moment, I was in okay shape two weeks ago, but lack of riding and lack of interest in riding I have dropped fitness and added weight. That stops (well sort of) today.

With the hopes of getting into the SM 100 I need to get a little faster and thinner and I just want to start feeling better on the bike in any case. Also I have the BTepic coming up in October and last year disappointed myself there badly. I had a bad day on the bike and never felt good. Hopefully this year is a bit of a better ride. I really just need to finish faster than last year and I will be happy.

Otherwise, life is normal here. Willie rules, I eat too much, I have too many friends in Germany who make me want to go back and live there, and last but not least, the best wife in the world is still and if it is possible is the more best wife in the world.