Days off

I am kind of wish I didn’t need to title these posts. Mostly because I now realize that any person who reads the Wilderness 101 post will have no clue why it killed my hands and head. The Panther Mountain descent literally made me feel like I bruised my hands and for the head part I had the feeling that I would never get rid of the cotton that filled my noggin after the race. Well my hands are still a bit worn out feeling and once I ate some food my cotton heeded feeling went away. So there.

Now for days off, this month is one that hopefully will be a month with out days off but smart riding. It is not a goal to ride all 30 days this month, it is a goal to have a solid month riding and hopefully get in shape for a trip to Bend later this summer.

Yes, boring today I am, and Willie just showed up for his walk. I need a day off to try to shake this fatigue feeling that I haven’t been able to rid myself of since the race. Maybe a day off would work but I think a two to three hour slow road ride will be what I manage. Hope you’re having a bit more exciting day than I will have.


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