I apologize. I have been lazy

I took four days off riding, didn’t feel like writing and bought a sewing machine. A sewing machine? Yes. The machine is easy to use, but hard to use well. I am working on it. Why? Well honestly I have a lot of ideas about making my current cycling clothes work better for me and I have tons of time.

What else is going on in the NO(orthern)V(irgini)A? Not much, really. No entry into the SM 100 means I am hoping to get an email for the race organizer saying he has one for me so I can get stomped. To be honest I am not in great shape at the moment, I was in okay shape two weeks ago, but lack of riding and lack of interest in riding I have dropped fitness and added weight. That stops (well sort of) today.

With the hopes of getting into the SM 100 I need to get a little faster and thinner and I just want to start feeling better on the bike in any case. Also I have the BTepic coming up in October and last year disappointed myself there badly. I had a bad day on the bike and never felt good. Hopefully this year is a bit of a better ride. I really just need to finish faster than last year and I will be happy.

Otherwise, life is normal here. Willie rules, I eat too much, I have too many friends in Germany who make me want to go back and live there, and last but not least, the best wife in the world is still and if it is possible is the more best wife in the world.



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