Yesterday with the Burleigh twins

Okay they aren’t twins, but riding with them is always fun and generally a lesson in how far I still have to go to have the skillz for actually riding well. So what awesome ride did I take these not twins on? Fountainhead.

Now before you judge me, and believe me I was asking myself if the trail was good enough for them, it was the best trail to ride with the amount of time we had. The “fastest boy (now young man) on earth” rode like the wind and looked good and his sister who I don’t have a good nickname for because I can’t think of one that truly fits her rode well and in spite of not riding mountain bikes for awhile did a great job. Me? Well I kind of trudged along trying to be smooth and look good, so I failed. Oh well, I had fun riding with them. I hope to ride with the “girl with no nickname” Monday. We will seen.

I think she is in this picture

Just chilling

Moving fast, or just bad exposure?

Nice bunny hop! At least 10 feet tall, or about 12". Still higher than I can hop.


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