If you’re here for the brilliant photos today will not be good

Yesterday no pictures where taken, but bikes where ridden. The fastest boy (now young man) on earth again showed me how I gave him his nickname. He again schooled me on how to ride and how fast it can be done. It was a very good and very fun to ride with him and I must make it out to ride in his home town. With luck, soon.

Otherwise all is well. The weather has been a bit unsettled lately, nice days followed by massive rain storms and believe me WIllie is no fan of that weather pattern. He hates the thunder and when it begins to get all noisy and scary for him I have to, and by have to I mean it really helps him forget what is going on so he won’t turn all white haired from worry, throw toys and play with him. It is fun for me because he just forgets everything else and runs around tearing up his toys and slipping and sliding all over the floor. He likes it because he totally forgets about the outside. He is a bit crazy, but puppyhood for that little guy was not good, so I understand.

Currently I am in negotiations for a ride today. I would like to roll the big wheeled machine of personal pain for at least 35 to 45 miles…. does this mean I will manage that? No, but I hope to at least try.

Hope you guys (I had a whole 10 hits yesterday, sorry all of you and actually that is not my biggest day, if any of you come back today, again sorry go ride a bike, for a walk or just pet you dog ((or if you must cat)) have a good day, I will and do something good.

Here he is! Waiting patiently.


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