Rain, pre-Hurricane!

So far not a drop of rain, a bit of wind and we are hoping for much ado about nothing. We are really hoping for a bust of a storm, but are prepared for the worst. We have a generator, a lot of food and water and most importantly Willie who will protect us from anything bad.

I did a ride yesterday and took zero photos. It sucked. I was in a “I hate this place mood” all day long, but with the impending storm I figured I needed to do something. I rolled for 50 miles and just never got rid of traffic. Every road had cars on it and the bike path was full of unhappy people. It wasn’t pleasant. Whatever, I go on vacation soon and in spite of not hanging with WIllie, it will be nice to get out of here. I hope I want to come back.

So the ride Thursday, involved plans of a 40 mile road, gravel and single track but was cut short by a huge thunderstorm. So an hour and a half into the ride, I was home. Next week, hopefully I will get in a good ride. There is an off chance I will go down and help clean up the SM 100 course, if it needs it. That would be cool. I love those trails.

Yes, I left with that in the sky!

It poured! This was five minutes after the rain began

Will it ever stop!

Wet roads, drivers on cell phones, I was very careful!


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