Hurricane Irene and the hurricane that really wasn’t

So we rode it out, and it wasn’t bad. WE GOT LUCKY! We all know that we got lucky and next time maybe we won’t, but this time Irene kind of just ruined a weekend. We walked Willie pre-storm, and it was actually pretty nice, then went and did some last minute shopping, coffee, toffee covered popcorn, and some diet Coke. You know the essentials. Had the hurricane actually knocked out power (we have a generator) we would have at least had caffeine, and believe me that could have been really bad.

Storm pictures.

Out into the storm to do some business!!!!

A touch of rain water

That tree fell, roots were totally pulled out.

So today was a little old spin around town for fun. I didn’t really have much fun, but I did have a ride. Too many freaking cars, too many freaking cars. Still it was nice to be able to leave the house and not be wind blown and soaked in seconds. I looked for damage from the storm, and found almost none. So was the storm a bust? No. It is still wreaking havoc up north of us with floods and power outages everywhere. WE JUST GOT LUCKY.

This is today.

Lots of cars, lots of angry people and just one little ole me

This didn't happen often

A great road, a gentle (14%) grade and one happy me (no cars)

This poor tree is the only real bit of damage I witnessed


One Response to “Hurricane Irene and the hurricane that really wasn’t”

  1. Mike Wellborn Says:

    Glad you all are fine out there.

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