Shenandoah 100

I got in, and I am not ready. I don’t have food for the race, I don’t have supplies for the race and I don’t have the fitness for the race. So I am going for sure.

Having really no chance to do well has really removed any pressure I had placed on myself for finishing in a certain time. Honestly anything over 12:30 will be considered a failure, but that is really a lot of time to finish a 100 miler. Can I do it, you know finish in that time? I suspect yes. I am not taking lights, I just don’t think I will need them and if I do, I think I will just take that ride of shame back to the campground. Maybe I will take one light, just in case.

Today I am off for a ride, about five hours or so, depending on what transpires today. I have to a few things to do, such as buy food and supplies for a race I didn’t think I was doing and just some general puttering around the house.

Willie is itching like crazy, I don’t know what is up with him, but he has been after his own skin for about a week. He gets some bacon fat this evening to see if that helps. He may just have really dry skin. Poor fellow, he is also driving me up the wall with his constant itching and biting on himself. The vet might be first thing next week.

Not much else…. I want to ride my mountain bike, but trees are down everywhere and even though there are people who get paid to clear trail here, they are waiting until the local bike club comes out to do it Saturday. Stay happy, ride safe and have a good day, I will be trying.


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