Leaving for the 100….

Not sure if I am ready, well, I am really sure I am not ready. I have no idea about the course, about the climbs, about the need for extra tubes or how much I will need to eat, so I am pretty much as ready as I ever am.

I did a few “big rides” this week just to stress the legs so I could see where I am. Currently the first 60 to 65 miles will be what I am confident in being able to ride comfortably. By comfortably I mean I am positive, that provided I don’t have a massive mechanical, that getting to 65 miles into the race will be when I leave my comfort level of distance and time on the bike. After 65 miles it will be seeing if I can limit my losses physically. Food will be what I don’t want to see, I will hope to drink Coke and (I hope not but kind of expect) the cramps to start. Fun!

Monday should be a portion or all of a report about the race (ride). I will leave you with a few pictures from last week.


One Response to “Leaving for the 100….”

  1. Mike Wellborn Says:

    Good luck Mr. E!

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