Day 3 day 4 riding and a lot of it!

The only picture that would upload

We did the McKenzie River Trail and that was fun. My shin will never be the same but the grin always come back when I think about riding the MRT.

Ack! No pictures right now.

So will have to write something…. Damn. So the ride began with a 10 mile road climb followed by views that you can’t believe, mostly because I can’t post them and a trail so fun that the descent to the car was just freaking unreal! Rock, and I used to hate rock, some ribbon thin single track, followed by roots and rocks! Unfreakingbelievable!

The next day we did Phil’s to Pauls , to Woops to Bens to Kens, I believe. This is a very nice ride, some really nice dry, dusty trails that are all rideable and really very fast. It also has some very good views. The descent is fast and very much smooth. The only thing that held me back was break bumps. The divots aren’t large, but ill placed and were in very strange places. Absolutely none leading up the to jumps but near the backside of the top of the jump there would be this hole and I would have to jump over the hole and hope to land well…. I didn’t so much…. I did, however, begin choosing one side or the other of the jumps to ride up avoiding the brake bumps…

Anyway we will try to get pictures up today. Bend is pretty cool, I would ride there again, I want to try Hood River (I like the beer better there anyway).

Today I am back in WA(state). Cloudy and going to rain. Surprise.


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