The race to beat the snow!

I did Suntop last Saturday. It was freaking awesome! Yeah, totally awesome. It was a great ride, I felt good, I looked freaking awesome and Skookum Flats was a blast. It has always been the tradition that the complete trail is 24 or so miles but the last two rides have just been a touch over 20. To be honest the ride is so good it doesn’t matter.

Heading home tomorrow in the AM where the riding is not so epic, but great none-the-less and I can begin a weight lose program as well as an Achilles tendon rehab program. I really did some damage to it when leaping over a giant downed tree running away from some evil hornets that were nesting in some deadfall! They stung me twice and when I beat the Olympic record in sprinting, I was way faster than that Bolt chump, and jumped over the log father than Carl Lewis ever thought possible I pretty much hurt myself to the point that walking is a chore. I may be rehabbing the Achilles for a while… No fun.

The time out here has been great. Good friends, a bunch of fun but no Willie and no wife. I am truly excited about seeing the Willie and wife again soon. 24 hours!


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