A little trip around town and FALL! No, please, no!

Today was a good ride because the weather was pleasant and almost no wind whatsoever along the route which proved that I am very, very slow on a bike, but still I had a good day.

What I did and still do find interesting is that I only saw two other riders in over three hours of riding. Both where in the Bike Lane kit, both must know me, and both didn’t even bother to recognize my existence, which while not unusual, most people don’t acknowledge that I am alive, but people I have ridden with normally at least nod in my direction. Now you might think I am so skinny (fat chance) and I blended into the surroundings too well, but that isn’t the case. I am still big (skinny latte, please) and said, “hey” and waved at both riders. Maybe they didn’t recognize me because I shaved… oh wait, no I didn’t. Whatever, if they want to pretend that they are faster than me (they might be) that’s fine. I am going to be riding some of the mid-wests sweetest single track and they won’t. I win.

Alright, what was this about fall? THE LEAVES ARE CHANGING!!!!!!! That means cold temperatures, rain and bothersome people driving all over the place looking at leaves on trees. These people just stop in the middle of many roads to be awestruck by nature, which while I get that the leaves are pretty, they shouldn’t just stop to take pictures out of the window of the car. Get out and walk around. Trust me most of the folks could use the exercise.

Okay, off my high horse. Today was a great ride, the leaves are getting pretty and soon the days will be short and I will be riding in long sleeves and knickers. Life goes on everyday, and it will keep going on. Next season is winter, then spring and not long after some nice summer days.


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