I did a race. I finished the race. I had a flat. I had fun. What else is there to say? Well too much for you to read dad, I know you fall asleep just sitting there in front of the computer. But I will type a bit today and add a few pictures then see what I do tomorrow. No internet would be a blessing.

I awoke at 0545, too early for most days, but then I had a place to go and race to do and redemption for my dismal performance last year. I was off to the Berryman Epic. Epic in so far as it was long(ish) Berryman as that is the name of the largest part of the trail we ride. I also believe it makes people like me with, who have found memories of the Berryman trail want to come out and race it. Last year I had the worst day ever, this year, I hoped would be different.

After a bit of coffee and driving to the start and finally getting my race number we gathered as a group of really goofy looking cyclists to prepare for the off.

My only picture

And after a few words away we went. Everyone around mw, I was literally again nearly the last guy off the line were making jokes about how long the day was going to be and other such nonsense. I knew what I had in store for myself, and knew that each and everyone of these folks making stupid jokes had absolutely no idea of what was to make them all want to quit riding in a short hour or two.

What made me want to stop riding, or actually what made me stop was a FLAT. I don’t flat often, but when I do it at the least opportune moment. On the way out of the campground I put in a huge effort to catch up to those single speeders that had line upped much farther up in the starting grid and just as I catch back on to the big train of four or five guys working together and did a really good pass on a slight climb and pop! All of a sudden I was getting sprayed with Stans goo! So I slowed a bit hoping to get the tire to seal, but no luck. Stan’s goo kept spraying all over me and the hole just wouldn’t seal. So what to do other than stop. As I stopped all of the guys I had worked over to get up front in my category passed me without a word…. It wasn’t cool. So I changed to tire, put in a tube and then took off chasing a bunch of goof balls who left me in the dust with my bad luck.

As the race unfolds for me, after the flat, went very well. The single track was sweet the trails were nice and passing people was done with care.

Gads… More in a bit.

Berryman at its' best


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