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A quick update and photographic evidence of a ride

November 29, 2011

Well three, in fact, but I forgot my Garmin on one of the three, so as my good friend says (tongue in cheek) “without the computer evidence you didn’t ride”. So I can only claim two rides. Anyway I only have pics from two of the rides anyway.

So let us (and by us I mean me and Willie) begin with Sunday. Fountainhead was the worst place on earth for a long time in my mind, rocks, roots and very little “flow” left me thinking it wasn’t a good place to ride. Fast forward about a year, I may not love it, but, I really enjoy heading out from my house to do the nine mile road/gravel/really easy single track ride out there and meeting up with people to ride. Saturday it was a reunion of sorts. Three guys that had had big crashes where there and riding. It was fun and really good to see everyone out there again. As well as seeing good people out there, some new trails had opened up and seeing as we were some of the first to ride them I am here to give you my official opinion of them.

They will be really good once they are packed in, but for the moment they are like riding on velcro. In contrast the everything else out at Fountainhead these new trails include very little in the way of natures obstacles. Will that prove to make it a better ride? Time will tell. The new trails will make the trail much longer when they are all finished, about 9 miles longer. The hope is that the total trail system will be around 16 miles long. All that 9 miles from my front door…. damn I have a bad life.

Great day, great people, great time

Leaving the park for the 9 mile ride home.

So the second ride was a quick 50 mile road spin. It was 68 degrees and sunny… yes that is exactly what I meant to type, it was nice. Leaving I had put on a vest, arm warmers and knee warmers as it was 28 November of course. It is supposed to be cold and nasty (like today) but it felt like spring. Unreal. I rolled and rolled along (not like bowling ball, that fat am I not yet) but through the suburbs on the best and safest bike path available as not to get crushed by a car. I was mostly successful save for one idiot in a F-150.

He pulled up beside me, looked at me and then tried to run me into a ditch all the while looking at me. He could even see that I wasn’t the happy go lucky skinny shaved legged cyclist boy and still tried to put me in a ditch. I held my line and looked at the fool and either he flinched or realized I wasn’t going to give he the pleasure of “scaring” me. He actually he didn’t. I shook my head at him and lifted my right hand to show him what I thought of him, but instead just waved and kept riding. I could tell from how he reacted he thought I had entirely missed the point of him trying to hurt me. Fool. The day was too good to be all angry.

I'm leaving for an aeroplane....

What a day! A few more of these would be great....

Then I had dinner in DC with three good people and came home walked the best dog ever and watched a bit of Monday NIght Football. All in all a very good day.

He makes everything a little better


Too much turkey

November 26, 2011

Yeah, so I had this awesome post and then it got all lost in Internet world. Maybe it’ll show up, maybe it won’t.

Long story short I am not feeling great on the bike, my legs feel dead and I need to start riding more. Yes, not surprising.

I ate way too much food over thanksgiving and the best wife ever did some great work with everything aside from the turkey which I barbecued.

It was good. Time to back away from the table and get busy riding so I can be faster than a snail.

Pics later.

I thought I was in the PNW(et)

November 23, 2011

Two days of rain, two days of sitting around doing very little and two days of me being a little unhappy. Today, well that crazy yellow orb is in the sky and once the roads dry a bit I am heading out to ride…. well for a couple of hours.

My legs feel very weak. The reason? No stinking idea. It feels like I have been riding for hours and hours with many intervals. This means today will be a lesson in I need to ride some more and me being very sloooowwwwww.

Haven't seen my riding buddy in days!

One December is the drop dead date, not for me, but for me riding a bike with a bit of intent. Will it be early season training? Um, no. It will be time to get out and ride with regularity and with the mind to put some miles in. Seems too early in the year, yes, but I have a large plan for next year. That would be to not suffer like a dog at the races I choose to do.

The Ouachita Challenge was a very bad race for me. The timing was bad, the course was easy and I felt like I had no legs and no fitness. If I go this year, and that is doubtful, I want to arrive in decent shape. I will decide shortly.

I love this trail! I must ride this stuff more

A stage race is something I have wanted to do for a long time and maybe this year is the year. More on that later, but today isn’t the day to start training, today is the day to ride and forget I have any agenda.

Soon, much less of this. Not happy about that.

Another ride with folks, and I have the pics to prove it!

November 21, 2011

Saturday was a MORE group ride and it was up the road from my house, literally. The trail head is about 10k (see it looks better as 10k than 6 miles) and I left about 10 minutes late. I knew the trail they were riding and was sure I could find them out riding.

As I rode along through the trails I saw nobody but heard a whole bunch or sirens and the first thought was that I hoped nobody got hit by a car. Continuing through the trails to the actual trail head I saw the ambulance there in the parking lot and they were packing up a rider. Turns out the person had a little problem and was taken to a hospital for observation. I believe he is fine. Anyway, we rode some pretty easy fun and trails and I talked to some folks I haven’t seen in a long time. I had fun.

This is what it looked like.

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Two days of rain (I’m lazy) and I must ride today

November 19, 2011

So we will be honest…. I should have and could have ridden yesterday and Thursday but chose not to ride as I was otherwise engaged…. Yes the Xbox stole my motivation. Today I am going out for a ride. I am leaving soon.

I must not play Xbox! It makes me FAT! Go ride.

A few pictures and another ride with a person!

November 16, 2011

Alright, I just dumped all my pictures from my phone and you, my loyal reader, (yes there is just the one) will suffer for the photo dump. … momentarily.

Riding with a friend Tuesday was very good. We went to Roseryville and did two laps, one the “normal” way and one, well you guessed it, the not “normal” way. We were riding the bike normally, we just rode backwards. The loop, not the bikes. That took awhile to type out and was totally unneeded but I need words. She seems to really enjoy riding out there and it is very fun for me because it is fast and flowy so I, too, feel fast. For once. This time, due to the leaves all being down, we saw a few barns and went into on for a few pics. Yes, we shouldn’t have, but it was pretty neat.


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Now for random pics.

These are mostly my little pup, a bike and likely my bike.

Hello, Figure of Eight is a bit hard….

November 14, 2011

I had a good ride yesterday at Elizabeth Furnace.  Fun, rocks, climbing, rocks, a bit of gravel, rocks and rocks.  Well, it wasn’t the rockiest that I have ever ridden but the ground was covered by leaves and seeing what I was about to hit and this caused me to tumble on my head, back and rear end.  Don’t worry, I kept the beautiful face intact.


Not really sure what else to write other than it was one of the strangest “group” rides I have ever been on.  Most, well really all other group rides I have been on, have been rides as groups.  There would be splits, but we would gather up pretty quickly or the group would ride the pace of the slower riders.  Well not all the time, but the group would never be thirty minutes ahead of the last guy.


Normally I ride in the back of the group because I don’t like to get all racer boy on fun rides, however, a couple of guys sure seemed to think it was some kind of race.  Personally, having actually raced a good deal this year and being in not the best shape ever, but good enough to have brought the pain yesterday had I wanted too, I found the ride very strange.  The vibe was let the slow guys suffer alone and off the back and we “fast” ones (not really so fast) will sit and look cool on our bikes when the last guy catches up.  Every time that we would regroup, arriving to the group, was like dude what took so long….  Kind of weird.


I had fun, I really liked the ride and I will ride with them again.  I just hope it is a bit more social next time….  or maybe I will bring the “pane” (bread)


Schaeffer Farms

November 12, 2011

Rode there today and the pace was moderate, kind of. The ride was a MORE (a local bike club) and the pace was freaking pretty quick for this time of year, IMO. That said, until I just lost the desire to be out there riding the pace was perfect.

Previously heard reports of the trails at Schaeffer Farms have been mixed, and I will say my impressions are also mixed. I did enjoy riding there and believe going back in the future to see what else is out there, but today, especially later in the ride, I was just hating it. This was because I was not feeling like riding anymore, not because the trails got less good. With luck the next time riding there will be a more of a exploration ride as to determine exactly what trails exist out there.

Three pictures are all that were taken and right now I am too tired to post them. Well not exactly true, the camera is across the room and I am laying on the couch watching TV and typing this up and I don’t feel like getting up.

Instead you will get

A pretty flower from the Botanical Gardens in DC

No rolling yesterday, just a bit of working on bikes

November 10, 2011

Yesterday I should have ridden, but I needed to get an allergy shot and run a couple of other errands. It sucked, I would have rather ridden but I did crash, and in front a person, two days ago and I need to let my ego rest. My body is fine aside from a couple of scratches.

The bike I rode in Oregon and WA(state) arrive yesterday and I got it all built and took off a couple of parts and added a couple and is it perfect now? I think not. It is 1/2 inch shorter in the top tube and even though that shouldn’t matter, it does. When and how did I get so stinking finicky about bike fit? When I got this.

Maybe. It fits perfectly, rides like a dream and makes me go fast, well kind of fast because I am actually really slow.

Steve Garro at Coconino Cycles knocked this one out of the park. The George Washington National Park, the Mark Twain National Park, Fountainhead Regional Park, Rockbridge State Park and a number of other parks that I can’t remember. It is the best bike I have ever ridden. Thanks Steve.

Back to news about how great I am…. Ummmm… Today I ride the other bike and see what I think about it. I may be going to Italy early next week in trade for an Indy Fab crosser. I need to ride the Quiring and see if it is a good second bike.

So here are the pics of the ride at Roserville.

She also saw me crash

It sure is nice here in the Mid Atlantic in the fall

Great views and perfect weather

Rode with a person today!

November 9, 2011

It was fun, and I hope she also had fun. Roseryville is fast fun and a very good quick ride. Unfortunately getting to a from my house to the park isn’t so easy. Rode for two hours riding, three hours driving…. Yeah, living in the greater DC area isn’t always the greatest.

I will put up a couple of pics tomorrow morning. In spite of the excellent weather I will be doing around the town things… allergy shots, a few errands and washing a car. It will rain Thursday and I could do most of what I need to do then but I should have done everything I am doing tomorrow Monday. Ack, I am being half responsible. Oh for the easy life I wish. Yes, I am kidding. I have the best life that could possibly be had. Later.