Lots of stuff

The Berryman went very well, 10th in SS class and pretty good overall. One flat, no bonks and on partially happy me. I feel I should actually write a real report but lack the motivation. So, probably not… but maybe….

Not today for sure.

We got home from the Mighty MO and as much as I do like being there, I am very happy to be here. Home is were the 62″ TV with HD is. Not exactly how the saying goes, but then again, it is true. Since we returned I am back on the not eating to excess train, and that train absolutely stinks. I don’t like being hungry but skinny is in, so I need to be skinny. Okay, really I need to be me and I think I am just a little larger than actually needed so I am aiming for a good happy not so big not so skinny weight. What is that? I don’t know but when I get there I will know, or the best wife ever will force me to eat so I am not so grumpy.

Riding around here has been unreal. The leaves are amazing and the trails, although a bit wet in some spots, are very fast. I like that. This coming weekend I am either doing a ride up in Elizabeths Furnace or Patapsco, which ever is longer. I need miles. Hopefully a ride with people will be in order. I like riding with people, I also like riding a long way and that more often than not means I do one or the other. We will see.

Pictures to follow. Hope all is well in whatever land you are in and Willie needs to walk…. that means I need to walk, well I don’t need to walk but I get to walk with the little fellow about now!


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