No rolling yesterday, just a bit of working on bikes

Yesterday I should have ridden, but I needed to get an allergy shot and run a couple of other errands. It sucked, I would have rather ridden but I did crash, and in front a person, two days ago and I need to let my ego rest. My body is fine aside from a couple of scratches.

The bike I rode in Oregon and WA(state) arrive yesterday and I got it all built and took off a couple of parts and added a couple and is it perfect now? I think not. It is 1/2 inch shorter in the top tube and even though that shouldn’t matter, it does. When and how did I get so stinking finicky about bike fit? When I got this.

Maybe. It fits perfectly, rides like a dream and makes me go fast, well kind of fast because I am actually really slow.

Steve Garro at Coconino Cycles knocked this one out of the park. The George Washington National Park, the Mark Twain National Park, Fountainhead Regional Park, Rockbridge State Park and a number of other parks that I can’t remember. It is the best bike I have ever ridden. Thanks Steve.

Back to news about how great I am…. Ummmm… Today I ride the other bike and see what I think about it. I may be going to Italy early next week in trade for an Indy Fab crosser. I need to ride the Quiring and see if it is a good second bike.

So here are the pics of the ride at Roserville.

She also saw me crash

It sure is nice here in the Mid Atlantic in the fall

Great views and perfect weather


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