Schaeffer Farms

Rode there today and the pace was moderate, kind of. The ride was a MORE (a local bike club) and the pace was freaking pretty quick for this time of year, IMO. That said, until I just lost the desire to be out there riding the pace was perfect.

Previously heard reports of the trails at Schaeffer Farms have been mixed, and I will say my impressions are also mixed. I did enjoy riding there and believe going back in the future to see what else is out there, but today, especially later in the ride, I was just hating it. This was because I was not feeling like riding anymore, not because the trails got less good. With luck the next time riding there will be a more of a exploration ride as to determine exactly what trails exist out there.

Three pictures are all that were taken and right now I am too tired to post them. Well not exactly true, the camera is across the room and I am laying on the couch watching TV and typing this up and I don’t feel like getting up.

Instead you will get

A pretty flower from the Botanical Gardens in DC


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