Hello, Figure of Eight is a bit hard….

I had a good ride yesterday at Elizabeth Furnace.  Fun, rocks, climbing, rocks, a bit of gravel, rocks and rocks.  Well, it wasn’t the rockiest that I have ever ridden but the ground was covered by leaves and seeing what I was about to hit and this caused me to tumble on my head, back and rear end.  Don’t worry, I kept the beautiful face intact.


Not really sure what else to write other than it was one of the strangest “group” rides I have ever been on.  Most, well really all other group rides I have been on, have been rides as groups.  There would be splits, but we would gather up pretty quickly or the group would ride the pace of the slower riders.  Well not all the time, but the group would never be thirty minutes ahead of the last guy.


Normally I ride in the back of the group because I don’t like to get all racer boy on fun rides, however, a couple of guys sure seemed to think it was some kind of race.  Personally, having actually raced a good deal this year and being in not the best shape ever, but good enough to have brought the pain yesterday had I wanted too, I found the ride very strange.  The vibe was let the slow guys suffer alone and off the back and we “fast” ones (not really so fast) will sit and look cool on our bikes when the last guy catches up.  Every time that we would regroup, arriving to the group, was like dude what took so long….  Kind of weird.


I had fun, I really liked the ride and I will ride with them again.  I just hope it is a bit more social next time….  or maybe I will bring the “pane” (bread)



One Response to “Hello, Figure of Eight is a bit hard….”

  1. Sean Chisham Says:

    Thanks for riding with us

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