A few pictures and another ride with a person!

Alright, I just dumped all my pictures from my phone and you, my loyal reader, (yes there is just the one) will suffer for the photo dump. … momentarily.

Riding with a friend Tuesday was very good. We went to Roseryville and did two laps, one the “normal” way and one, well you guessed it, the not “normal” way. We were riding the bike normally, we just rode backwards. The loop, not the bikes. That took awhile to type out and was totally unneeded but I need words. She seems to really enjoy riding out there and it is very fun for me because it is fast and flowy so I, too, feel fast. For once. This time, due to the leaves all being down, we saw a few barns and went into on for a few pics. Yes, we shouldn’t have, but it was pretty neat.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now for random pics.

These are mostly my little pup, a bike and likely my bike.


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