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No ride with Willie

December 26, 2011

He is great but upon further inspection he is not a trail dog, also as soon as I finished the post it began to pour down rain.

So Christmas was good, except I was sick, still am today. No ride for me until Wednesday, I believe. We will see.

No pictures, or other nifty stuff, maybe tomorrow. I am tired and planning to fall asleep again. Being sick is not fun. And I only like fun stuff….. Tomorrow will be better, it has to be.

In a couple of days! I will be back, slower than ever.


A start of the day

December 21, 2011

Woke up, made oatmeal, and will walk Willie in ten to fifteen minutes. How is that for a start? After that? I am at a loss, there are several things I need to do but none of those are fun and one thing I want to do that is fun.

Fun is what I want to do, but today that will not be what I do. No bike ride today, well maybe. Getting out in the 60 degree weather is going to be hard to not go out and ride in, of course we will likely have rain.

Yesterday was Willie’s first day of trail dog training. Now if you know or have met the little fellow and you knew my old trail dog you might think that I had lost what little mind I have left. He is not going to be a all day long trail dog but a short and easy ride trail dog. He loves to run but right now is limited to about threeish miles. His little legs just aren’t long enough and he has never really followed a bike on a trail before. We will see. I hope I get a happy pup not a grumpy pup that runs away and hides….

Be good happy first day of winter, 62 degrees here, sheesh I could get used to that, not the rain though.

He will love it or not.

If Willie doesn’t like going with me to ride, that will be fine. No pressure. I just think that little guy would love a bit more activity. He just loves to chase things, mostly squirrels, but maybe me too.

A ride. 35 miles of riding.

December 19, 2011

A bunch of pictures. I have at least one photo from each road/trail I road on.

Not so many words as I am late in leaving for some errands.


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Why I hate (but really love) Christmas

December 17, 2011

First things first, I rode today and yesterday on the mountain bike. 40 miles 3000′ up and down and ruined it all by eating and drinking these.

Calorie content? Too many.

Otherwise everything is par. I have been walking the Willie and he has been using his sad eyes trick to walk longer and longer each day. We are progressing to two hour walks, which while very good for him, are less good for me. I am not a huge fan of walking for hours in the subarctic temperatures (45 degrees or so) but he is. Willie absolutely love the weather. His fur pants come in handy this time of year.

It is time to walk Willie again. So off I will go very shortly to try to avoid looking at those sad, sad eyes. it is easier at night, he blends right in.

How do you say no to a face like that? I can't.

Super slow

December 15, 2011

Internet to match my super slow me.

In the last four days I have ridden each and every day at least some type of distance. Good and bad. The bad is I got my allergy shot yesterday and feel like a truck landed on me and the good is I hope to make it five for five and ride this afternoon. If I don’t I won’t tell, well maybe I will tell. I could use a break.

The last two rides have been on the road and truthfully not great. Wind has been an enemy that just sucks all the reason for living out of me and as much as it drains willpower you can’t hate it, it is just the wind. The wind has been COLD too. Well, again, below 55 degrees is cold, so below -499029 degrees Celsius outside. Maybe not, but…..

Otherwise all is well, the holidays are upon us and I tire of Happy Holidays. Say Merry Freaking Christmas (without the Freaking) or Happy Hanukkah or whatever you do, nobody celebrates Happy Holidays, why the face are happy holidays? Please explain. Being pretty much anti outward religious symbolism (I get crosses on hills, no worries I also get the Nativity) I find it to be cowardly to not go with what you know. It was and always should be Merry Christmas, we grew up with it, we survived. It seems as if Islam did, the Jews survived, Hindus, and everyone else I forgot. If you don’t enjoy or celebrate this time of year, work overtime so those of us (and I don’t really like it much) that do can take time off to be with their families.

CHRISTMAS TREE, not holiday tree. Come on folks!

Chillin’. Literally

December 13, 2011

Good weekend and nice Monday. Well, Sunday and Monday were really good, Saturday was not so great. For several days last week, pretty much from Tuesday on to Saturday, the general feeling of “not good” had been dogging me. Riding in spite of feeling “not good” is what I did and on Saturday all the time that should have been spent resting came back to haunt me. There was not one ounce of energy left in my body and laying about like a sick person was what I did. I needed it…

The next two days were pretty good. Sunday began still feeling a bit run down, but riding in the morning just made me feel a lot better. Yeah for exercise! Afterwards grocery shopping was in order and I gorged on junk food (kind of) at the store and bought egg nog. Egg nog is great, it is wonderful, it is full of fat, death and heart attacks. So two glasses were drunk.

As far as chillin’? It has been cooler than I love, but it has been warm enough to get out and ride in almost comfort. It is chillin’ more and more every day so I must find the rest of my winter clothes so far I have managed with my fall riding attire with out freezing… that will soon change. Hope all is well out there.

Oh and Monday was a good ride after running all my errands. It was nice to have all my responsibilities done then ride… strange that I didn’t have to rush right after the ride to get stuff done. That won’t happen again for a long time.

It was cold…. and it is going to get colder

December 9, 2011

Around me, especially me, cold is anything under 55 or so degrees, so yesterday was arctic like, at 42 to 43 degrees and a bit windy. Yes I am a whiner. The ride managed to be unpleasant at best. The roads were dry, the ground soaked and the bike paths still very wet.

Half was like this, the other half a bit drier

Back in the day I would have grabbed my cross bike, with fenders, and this wouldn’t have been an issue. However after I left the land of wet, clouds and Seasonal Affect disorder (aka WA(state)) I swore I would never ride a bike with fenders, and since then I have mostly kept to this oath. There was a time in Germany when I fendered up because the winters there were a bit wet (freaking biblical flood like wet) and I wanted to ride. The fenders lasted about a week before the rain turned to ice and off the fenders went. I haven’t mounted a set since. What does this have to do with the price of tea in Taiwan? Nothing, but I should really have a bike with fenders for rides like yesterday…. speaking of which, why do roadies here HAVE TO RIDE ON THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD?

We have been provided, all be it a bad one, a bike path. USE IT! It is safer than the road, mostly… a bit wetter though.

As I mentioned before we had a bit of rain two days ago. Now most of you guys know I am prone to exaggeration. Minor exaggeration, okay maybe not so minor but the river, the Occoquan river was a bit full. In all the time I’ve been here the river has been up, but it has never looked like this.

The river was up

I'm sure it's been higher and faster, but I've not seen it

Alright, the bike doesn’t call, but it will be ridden. It is even COLDER than yesterday, if that is possible (it is very much possible and it will get even colder but I will whine and complain about it for the entire winter and then the rain in the spring) so I will put on 25 layers of clothes and head out shortly. Watch out for the Great Pumpkin! I do love the orange jacket, people still can’t see me.

What happened? The skies opened and nearly drowned DC

December 8, 2011

No, really! A few more inches and maybe the whole city could have been swallowed by the ocean! It was crazy. Having been in the great rainfall in Seattle for several years and the one day we had something like 5 inches of rain, I will say yesterday here was pretty bad as far as the amount that fell from the sky. It was not a very pleasant day.

Today, by contrast, is very nice as far as the skies not pouring gallons on water on my head, but it is very cool. Well cold in fact. I don’t like the cold, actually I pretty much despise cold. It means wrapping myself in layers of clothes and looking like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man, all be it an orange one. Still, I don’t like it, but heading out into the freezing death that is 37 degrees (yeah not so bad really I am just whining) will happen today. The ride time will vary because manning up will have to take place if riding for more than an hour takes place! I am not a fan of cold. Have I said that before?

There are things I dislike more than the cold, that would be this.

The Marine who lives on the corner idea of recycling.

Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but every Thursday, which is recycling day, these people put out their recycling and I get to pick it up and recycle it the next Thursday. These folks do this every week. I guess they feel recycling is the gift that keeps on giving. The neighborhood gets to pick up the trash these fools put out. I love it. My father is a former Marine and I would think that he wouldn’t allow this to happen but I guess the Marine Corp no longer cares about the environment.

Okay, off the get dressed and go for a ride. Oh and get off my high horse…. (btw I rode the trainer for an hour and a half yesterday…. awful!)

Three hours twenty one minutes

December 6, 2011

50k or in English 32.5 miles. That is what I rode yesterday. Was it a good ride? Well, yes and no.

Oddly for the last day of good weather of the year nobody was out riding. I saw nobody out there at either Fountainhead (which was open) and Laurel Hill. That is not unusual for most days, but considering the great temperature and lack of rain I thought at least one guy would be out there. Anyway, the ride through Laurel Hill was very good, the ride to Fountainhead was great, the first part of the trail was really good, then I blew up! It wasn’t pretty.

I believe I looked like a large dying hobo with a nice bike for about an hour. I suffered through the last new part of the trails at Fountainhead. It was awful! The trails don’t yet have the compaction that they need and it is like riding in peanut butter so I was not only bonking but I was trudging along in peanut butter and dying a miserable death. Once I hit the trail out of the trail system I slightly perked up because I knew food was twenty minutes away.

So I rolled along and found the nearest gas station and consumed my weight in food. Junk food. Sugar calories and fat! It was good. Well, not really, but at the time I really needed a quick energy boost and Twizzlers and Snickers are the ticket for that.

After eating I rode home and cleaned up. Great ending to a good day of riding. I got home. Did anything funny happen? No. Did anything really good happen? Aside for the fact I rode, no. So was it a good day? Any day on a bike is a good day. I need to find some humor in my rides soon or it will become a job, and I hate jobs.

Riding local, not poaching and i must ride today.

December 5, 2011

Back in the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A and my planned ride on Saturday was cut SHORT! Well not exactly cut short, it never exactly happened. Fountainhead was closed for trail work, yes I should have been there to help out, so myself and the three people I was riding with turned around and drove to Laurel Hill. Yes, not the greatest place to ride, but at least it was not closed. It seems as if the four of us were the only people who didn’t poach closed trails. As unsure as I am that the local riders are good people (some of them really are and I like to ride with them) it seems as if the vast majority are freaking selfish punks who feel as if they have the “right” to ride whatever and wherever they feel they want to ride. Now is it for me to cast the first stone?

I mean, haven’t I ridden closed trails before? Well, yes and no. I have ridden trails officially closed due to time of day, or perhaps weather conditions, you know like the dead of mid winter when the trails are closed because of icy conditions, but I have never blatantly ridden around a gate to access clearly marked closed trails. Now another blogger who shall remain nameless explains his actions by saying he drove all the way there and felt he deserved to ride…. What? Deserved to ride? Yes he deserved to ride, on OPEN trails. I guess his mom told him he was specialer than everyone else. Well, so back to me!

Summer trails in WA(state). I want summer back!

Today is the last day we really good mild weather and I DO NOT want to ride. I want to sit at home and hang out with the Willie and pretend that I am fit and don’t need to ride. The truth is, I am not in shape, I need to ride and I really need to enjoy this day. Likely the clouds will stay all day, but the temperature should be in the 60s. I will be leaving shortly. I have to.