Riding local, not poaching and i must ride today.

Back in the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A and my planned ride on Saturday was cut SHORT! Well not exactly cut short, it never exactly happened. Fountainhead was closed for trail work, yes I should have been there to help out, so myself and the three people I was riding with turned around and drove to Laurel Hill. Yes, not the greatest place to ride, but at least it was not closed. It seems as if the four of us were the only people who didn’t poach closed trails. As unsure as I am that the local riders are good people (some of them really are and I like to ride with them) it seems as if the vast majority are freaking selfish punks who feel as if they have the “right” to ride whatever and wherever they feel they want to ride. Now is it for me to cast the first stone?

I mean, haven’t I ridden closed trails before? Well, yes and no. I have ridden trails officially closed due to time of day, or perhaps weather conditions, you know like the dead of mid winter when the trails are closed because of icy conditions, but I have never blatantly ridden around a gate to access clearly marked closed trails. Now another blogger who shall remain nameless explains his actions by saying he drove all the way there and felt he deserved to ride…. What? Deserved to ride? Yes he deserved to ride, on OPEN trails. I guess his mom told him he was specialer than everyone else. Well, so back to me!

Summer trails in WA(state). I want summer back!

Today is the last day we really good mild weather and I DO NOT want to ride. I want to sit at home and hang out with the Willie and pretend that I am fit and don’t need to ride. The truth is, I am not in shape, I need to ride and I really need to enjoy this day. Likely the clouds will stay all day, but the temperature should be in the 60s. I will be leaving shortly. I have to.


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