Three hours twenty one minutes

50k or in English 32.5 miles. That is what I rode yesterday. Was it a good ride? Well, yes and no.

Oddly for the last day of good weather of the year nobody was out riding. I saw nobody out there at either Fountainhead (which was open) and Laurel Hill. That is not unusual for most days, but considering the great temperature and lack of rain I thought at least one guy would be out there. Anyway, the ride through Laurel Hill was very good, the ride to Fountainhead was great, the first part of the trail was really good, then I blew up! It wasn’t pretty.

I believe I looked like a large dying hobo with a nice bike for about an hour. I suffered through the last new part of the trails at Fountainhead. It was awful! The trails don’t yet have the compaction that they need and it is like riding in peanut butter so I was not only bonking but I was trudging along in peanut butter and dying a miserable death. Once I hit the trail out of the trail system I slightly perked up because I knew food was twenty minutes away.

So I rolled along and found the nearest gas station and consumed my weight in food. Junk food. Sugar calories and fat! It was good. Well, not really, but at the time I really needed a quick energy boost and Twizzlers and Snickers are the ticket for that.

After eating I rode home and cleaned up. Great ending to a good day of riding. I got home. Did anything funny happen? No. Did anything really good happen? Aside for the fact I rode, no. So was it a good day? Any day on a bike is a good day. I need to find some humor in my rides soon or it will become a job, and I hate jobs.


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