It was cold…. and it is going to get colder

Around me, especially me, cold is anything under 55 or so degrees, so yesterday was arctic like, at 42 to 43 degrees and a bit windy. Yes I am a whiner. The ride managed to be unpleasant at best. The roads were dry, the ground soaked and the bike paths still very wet.

Half was like this, the other half a bit drier

Back in the day I would have grabbed my cross bike, with fenders, and this wouldn’t have been an issue. However after I left the land of wet, clouds and Seasonal Affect disorder (aka WA(state)) I swore I would never ride a bike with fenders, and since then I have mostly kept to this oath. There was a time in Germany when I fendered up because the winters there were a bit wet (freaking biblical flood like wet) and I wanted to ride. The fenders lasted about a week before the rain turned to ice and off the fenders went. I haven’t mounted a set since. What does this have to do with the price of tea in Taiwan? Nothing, but I should really have a bike with fenders for rides like yesterday…. speaking of which, why do roadies here HAVE TO RIDE ON THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD?

We have been provided, all be it a bad one, a bike path. USE IT! It is safer than the road, mostly… a bit wetter though.

As I mentioned before we had a bit of rain two days ago. Now most of you guys know I am prone to exaggeration. Minor exaggeration, okay maybe not so minor but the river, the Occoquan river was a bit full. In all the time I’ve been here the river has been up, but it has never looked like this.

The river was up

I'm sure it's been higher and faster, but I've not seen it

Alright, the bike doesn’t call, but it will be ridden. It is even COLDER than yesterday, if that is possible (it is very much possible and it will get even colder but I will whine and complain about it for the entire winter and then the rain in the spring) so I will put on 25 layers of clothes and head out shortly. Watch out for the Great Pumpkin! I do love the orange jacket, people still can’t see me.


One Response to “It was cold…. and it is going to get colder”

  1. Monkey Mike Says:

    Glad to see you’re as happy as ever!

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