Chillin’. Literally

Good weekend and nice Monday. Well, Sunday and Monday were really good, Saturday was not so great. For several days last week, pretty much from Tuesday on to Saturday, the general feeling of “not good” had been dogging me. Riding in spite of feeling “not good” is what I did and on Saturday all the time that should have been spent resting came back to haunt me. There was not one ounce of energy left in my body and laying about like a sick person was what I did. I needed it…

The next two days were pretty good. Sunday began still feeling a bit run down, but riding in the morning just made me feel a lot better. Yeah for exercise! Afterwards grocery shopping was in order and I gorged on junk food (kind of) at the store and bought egg nog. Egg nog is great, it is wonderful, it is full of fat, death and heart attacks. So two glasses were drunk.

As far as chillin’? It has been cooler than I love, but it has been warm enough to get out and ride in almost comfort. It is chillin’ more and more every day so I must find the rest of my winter clothes so far I have managed with my fall riding attire with out freezing… that will soon change. Hope all is well out there.

Oh and Monday was a good ride after running all my errands. It was nice to have all my responsibilities done then ride… strange that I didn’t have to rush right after the ride to get stuff done. That won’t happen again for a long time.


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