Super slow

Internet to match my super slow me.

In the last four days I have ridden each and every day at least some type of distance. Good and bad. The bad is I got my allergy shot yesterday and feel like a truck landed on me and the good is I hope to make it five for five and ride this afternoon. If I don’t I won’t tell, well maybe I will tell. I could use a break.

The last two rides have been on the road and truthfully not great. Wind has been an enemy that just sucks all the reason for living out of me and as much as it drains willpower you can’t hate it, it is just the wind. The wind has been COLD too. Well, again, below 55 degrees is cold, so below -499029 degrees Celsius outside. Maybe not, but…..

Otherwise all is well, the holidays are upon us and I tire of Happy Holidays. Say Merry Freaking Christmas (without the Freaking) or Happy Hanukkah or whatever you do, nobody celebrates Happy Holidays, why the face are happy holidays? Please explain. Being pretty much anti outward religious symbolism (I get crosses on hills, no worries I also get the Nativity) I find it to be cowardly to not go with what you know. It was and always should be Merry Christmas, we grew up with it, we survived. It seems as if Islam did, the Jews survived, Hindus, and everyone else I forgot. If you don’t enjoy or celebrate this time of year, work overtime so those of us (and I don’t really like it much) that do can take time off to be with their families.

CHRISTMAS TREE, not holiday tree. Come on folks!


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