A new year, a first post and a bunch of days of riding

So I have been vacationing from posting, not that anyone noticed, but then again I did have stuff to post, just was spending time with the two best things in my life. The best wife ever and the super pup.

But I did ride almost every day after getting over my slight illness. A couple of 50 milers on the road, a few mountain bike rides from the house and one double lap of Fountainhead, the new and improved Fountainhead.

They have groomed it a bit, well to be fair, a lot. I stand by the idea that the grooming and new trails are good but it has lost a bit of the technical riding. A good portion is fast and flowing and very much like a pump track on a large scale which is pretty neat. So all in all, I am very impressed with the new entrance trail, the reroute of the last three or so miles is fun but lost a bit of difficulty. Aw, whatever, why complain (and really I am not complaining just noting) it is fun and many people around the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A would kill to live as close as I am to Fountainhead. I am pleased by that.

Hopefully todays ride goes well. I am meeting a friend from DC for a little spin, after we hit up a bike shop for pedals. More later, like tomorrow, now that the best wife ever returns to work and my life returns to normal schedule.


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