Been a bit

Just riding a bit, hanging out with the wife and chilling with the dog. It has been tough. Not precisely tough, rather really easy and more of less fun. Updating the blog for the 2 people who read this has just slipped my mind.

Also as far as the picture taking has fallen off as even though the weather has been nice, it just hasn’t been stunning and worthwhile of snapping a pic. That said, I am sure i have a few. Perhaps when I get motivated to do something I will find a few good photos.

Aside from that, my riding has not been stellar. It seems as if the lack of a good goal and the lack of real riding has led to a very slow return to form but it is still January and form (such as I ever get) will hopefully start to build up in a few weeks.

The weather has been decent, but lately cold. Yes, cold is almost as bad as rain and only slightly less awful than snow, which requires cold (snow is the worst) but that is no excuse for not rolling. I roll tomorrow, I roll fast, I roll with intent, I will roll out of bed, I will roll to the coffee pot, I will roll to the car, and I will roll the entire time on my belly. I must ride the bike, so I roll less.

I need hours of this

and much less

Less of this!


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