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Not much here

February 28, 2012

Nothing to say. Nothing to really write about. Nothing special going on.

Well, I did a little race last Sunday and it was fun. I finished up a little slower that I wanted and aside from that I haven’t really decided if I want to write about it. In reality I had a good ride and am somewhat satisfied with my result. However, nothing funny happened and I didn’t take my camera while I raced and have no pics. Well, one funny thing happened and it was when the race cross a creek without a bridge I just knew that there were going to be flats. I was right. It was awesome. I rode the creek just as if it was a creek but all these other folks rode the creek like it was a total death trap surrounded by machine guns and the creek was full of alligators and crocodiles which was really funny. After the riders crossed the creek I was certain that there would be flats and there were. A lot of them. There was a line of racers sitting there swapping out tubes and trying to fix flats all yelling for tire levers…. unbelievably funny.

Next time I fly I will be headed here.

Otherwise, a school bus almost crushed me yesterday. Not cool. I have a picture of it when and after I email the Fairfax school system about the driver and get an answer about why the bus was picking up a student from a private school. Not sure. This is the same church that always causes huge traffic problems on Sundays and uses taxpayers money to “control” traffic.

Anyway, I need to ride. I am tired and riding with a former Chilean National Cycling Team member…. I am going to die!!!!!!!

Oh and on a less than awesome note. A bunch of really good friends of mine are in Cali, and I won’t be able to see them. I am sorry about that, but I hope they understand. The Lobos are great folks, but the flight across the country and the hotels and food are too freaking expensive.

More later, be good and ride safe. Watch out for those school buses.



February 25, 2012

Getting ready for the day by sitting here on the couch and drinking a bit of coffee. The day will, hopefully, be productive. First thing, well after the coffee, is going to see a physician and have him tell me I am overweight and need to cut back on food and exercise more. Normally I just sit there and let the doc think all I do is watch TV and drink beer, but this time I hope to get a specific medicine so I might have to confess to actually riding a bit.

A few months ago a good friend had a slight health scare, or a heart attack, and this guy is one of the last people on earth I would think could even have a back ticker. So he has forced me to go see this doctor and give me the drug I want. So far, the doctors seem to ignore what I want and give me what they want…. I won’t take what they want me to take, it makes me feel very very badly.

Otherwise, I should go for some kind of ride today. Not sure what kind, but the ride should be fun. I hope. Not that all rides aren’t fun, but the wind has kicking lately. Also it rained almost all day yesterday. I don’t like rain… It gets me wet.


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This is what I do when it rains.

Well I am going to add a couple of pics then get up and start the move towards post. I believe I will ride to the hospital to see my doctor. That’ll show him. I may be overweight, have high (slightly) blood pressure, the cholesterol of a high school girl and all kinds of other health care issues, but I do ride a bike doc, I do.

Another day… another day

February 23, 2012

and another ride. As a matter of fact, the ride was pretty okay. The cyclocross bike, which has never shifted correctly never will, rode very well. It is a little short, it is a little orange, it drops the chain under any pressure and it is just like it is supposed to be. Not quite right.

So the day was me walking a tiny little fellow, AKA Willie, out at a local nature area. It wasn’t the normal old daily walk and hopefully he enjoyed the trip. At least he chased a couple of squirrels and scared up three deer. Now being twenty two pounds of fearsomeness he didn’t chase down the deer, he just sat there and smiled.

Me? Well I came home and ate some food and goofed off a bit then went for a ride. 47.5 miles and 2500 (minus) feet. It was really fun, until I turned into the wind. Yeah, I was flying for about an hour then…. well I turned into a vicious sidewind, that was more head than side. It wasn’t fun. Then I turned again and again the sidewind kicked up and again I was dealing with a more headwind and I was not happy. Then I turned to go home and you guess it a headwind, like fifty mile an hour wind….. well at least fifteen. As not pleased as I was, at least I just had 15 miles to go.

So I just got as low as I could and pedaled away. At a blazing 15 or so MPH…. not so fun really. In any case, after I did the headwind stuff I rode just a bit of single track on the way home and remembered why I do love the ill mannered cross bike. It is just plain fun to ride.

And I forgot, I rode with Katrina yesterday and Fountainhead just for fun on Sunday after Laurel Hill and then rode to Clifton then rode to Laurel Hill again and then home. Just at four hours. Some good days, wind and all. Katrina and I did about a 3/4 lap as the trail was a bit messy. She did ride the “feature of death”. She rode it easily…. All these guys around here complaining about the “feature of death” you need to ride like a girl.

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Three rides

February 19, 2012

This week was a chore. No, I didn’t do chores, but it was sure hard to leave the front (really back door) for rides. Unless it rained, which it did Thursday, I made it out and put in a couple of miles. The best wife ever allows me to ride when and where I want and I should definitely take advantage of the time. So, this week I did.

I took a few pictures because I have a lot of pictures of the same area from a lot of rides heading the same way. Yeah, I am stuck in a rut, of sorts. I do the same rides in the same area pretty much every week. Does that mean I am not having fun, well, not exactly fun. I am having a pleasant time and hoping that when the weather gets a bit better I get to ride farther and farther and get to see and take pictures of new stuff.

Okay for now, here you go.

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It is happening again!

February 15, 2012

Just rolling along a bit. Not too fast not too slow, just riding. The season, such as it is, and by that I mean as serious as I take it, (not at all) begins in March and I need to be able to ride 60 miles. I am already able to ride 60 miles so I guess I am ready. Time to eat donuts, brownies, and drink beer until I can’t see my toes.

Well, that won’t happen. Donuts are great, but not so good for me because I don’t just have one, I have twelve. So I will stay away. I will do more of this stuff.

In five minutes I will be putting this thing down and heading up to change into my less manly clothes and go for a spin. It needs to happen, I need to go out there and enjoy the good winter weather. A bit of wind shouldn’t keep me inside. By the way, it is really windy outside.

Have a great day, go for a ride and be good.

Yes it is a bit cold, but do I complain?

February 11, 2012

I hesitate to complain because a lot of my friends are in Euroland and it is really cold there, so I will only say, “it was 35 and a snowy mix” and the ride was okay.

After the illness today was a nice ride not due to my awesome good feelings and good feeling body, but rather I was just glad to be out.  So now for the pictures, all two of them.  Hopefully I will be more wordish next week…

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A reddish day and a good ride

February 6, 2012

Rode in Harrisonburg on Saturday. It was good. I had fun. I hope the guys I rode with had fun. I then caught a cold and rode anyway on Sunday. Now I feel like I am going sneeze my face off and watch my nose dribble off my head. Cool. Not cool, really, but at least I am mostly healthy and taking a day off the bike to try to get back to normal for me.

The best wife ever cooked for the Super Bowl. I am stuffed still. Good food.

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