It is happening again!

Just rolling along a bit. Not too fast not too slow, just riding. The season, such as it is, and by that I mean as serious as I take it, (not at all) begins in March and I need to be able to ride 60 miles. I am already able to ride 60 miles so I guess I am ready. Time to eat donuts, brownies, and drink beer until I can’t see my toes.

Well, that won’t happen. Donuts are great, but not so good for me because I don’t just have one, I have twelve. So I will stay away. I will do more of this stuff.

In five minutes I will be putting this thing down and heading up to change into my less manly clothes and go for a spin. It needs to happen, I need to go out there and enjoy the good winter weather. A bit of wind shouldn’t keep me inside. By the way, it is really windy outside.

Have a great day, go for a ride and be good.


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