Three rides

This week was a chore. No, I didn’t do chores, but it was sure hard to leave the front (really back door) for rides. Unless it rained, which it did Thursday, I made it out and put in a couple of miles. The best wife ever allows me to ride when and where I want and I should definitely take advantage of the time. So, this week I did.

I took a few pictures because I have a lot of pictures of the same area from a lot of rides heading the same way. Yeah, I am stuck in a rut, of sorts. I do the same rides in the same area pretty much every week. Does that mean I am not having fun, well, not exactly fun. I am having a pleasant time and hoping that when the weather gets a bit better I get to ride farther and farther and get to see and take pictures of new stuff.

Okay for now, here you go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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