Another day… another day

and another ride. As a matter of fact, the ride was pretty okay. The cyclocross bike, which has never shifted correctly never will, rode very well. It is a little short, it is a little orange, it drops the chain under any pressure and it is just like it is supposed to be. Not quite right.

So the day was me walking a tiny little fellow, AKA Willie, out at a local nature area. It wasn’t the normal old daily walk and hopefully he enjoyed the trip. At least he chased a couple of squirrels and scared up three deer. Now being twenty two pounds of fearsomeness he didn’t chase down the deer, he just sat there and smiled.

Me? Well I came home and ate some food and goofed off a bit then went for a ride. 47.5 miles and 2500 (minus) feet. It was really fun, until I turned into the wind. Yeah, I was flying for about an hour then…. well I turned into a vicious sidewind, that was more head than side. It wasn’t fun. Then I turned again and again the sidewind kicked up and again I was dealing with a more headwind and I was not happy. Then I turned to go home and you guess it a headwind, like fifty mile an hour wind….. well at least fifteen. As not pleased as I was, at least I just had 15 miles to go.

So I just got as low as I could and pedaled away. At a blazing 15 or so MPH…. not so fun really. In any case, after I did the headwind stuff I rode just a bit of single track on the way home and remembered why I do love the ill mannered cross bike. It is just plain fun to ride.

And I forgot, I rode with Katrina yesterday and Fountainhead just for fun on Sunday after Laurel Hill and then rode to Clifton then rode to Laurel Hill again and then home. Just at four hours. Some good days, wind and all. Katrina and I did about a 3/4 lap as the trail was a bit messy. She did ride the “feature of death”. She rode it easily…. All these guys around here complaining about the “feature of death” you need to ride like a girl.

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