Getting ready for the day by sitting here on the couch and drinking a bit of coffee. The day will, hopefully, be productive. First thing, well after the coffee, is going to see a physician and have him tell me I am overweight and need to cut back on food and exercise more. Normally I just sit there and let the doc think all I do is watch TV and drink beer, but this time I hope to get a specific medicine so I might have to confess to actually riding a bit.

A few months ago a good friend had a slight health scare, or a heart attack, and this guy is one of the last people on earth I would think could even have a back ticker. So he has forced me to go see this doctor and give me the drug I want. So far, the doctors seem to ignore what I want and give me what they want…. I won’t take what they want me to take, it makes me feel very very badly.

Otherwise, I should go for some kind of ride today. Not sure what kind, but the ride should be fun. I hope. Not that all rides aren’t fun, but the wind has kicking lately. Also it rained almost all day yesterday. I don’t like rain… It gets me wet.


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This is what I do when it rains.

Well I am going to add a couple of pics then get up and start the move towards post. I believe I will ride to the hospital to see my doctor. That’ll show him. I may be overweight, have high (slightly) blood pressure, the cholesterol of a high school girl and all kinds of other health care issues, but I do ride a bike doc, I do.


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