Not much here

Nothing to say. Nothing to really write about. Nothing special going on.

Well, I did a little race last Sunday and it was fun. I finished up a little slower that I wanted and aside from that I haven’t really decided if I want to write about it. In reality I had a good ride and am somewhat satisfied with my result. However, nothing funny happened and I didn’t take my camera while I raced and have no pics. Well, one funny thing happened and it was when the race cross a creek without a bridge I just knew that there were going to be flats. I was right. It was awesome. I rode the creek just as if it was a creek but all these other folks rode the creek like it was a total death trap surrounded by machine guns and the creek was full of alligators and crocodiles which was really funny. After the riders crossed the creek I was certain that there would be flats and there were. A lot of them. There was a line of racers sitting there swapping out tubes and trying to fix flats all yelling for tire levers…. unbelievably funny.

Next time I fly I will be headed here.

Otherwise, a school bus almost crushed me yesterday. Not cool. I have a picture of it when and after I email the Fairfax school system about the driver and get an answer about why the bus was picking up a student from a private school. Not sure. This is the same church that always causes huge traffic problems on Sundays and uses taxpayers money to “control” traffic.

Anyway, I need to ride. I am tired and riding with a former Chilean National Cycling Team member…. I am going to die!!!!!!!

Oh and on a less than awesome note. A bunch of really good friends of mine are in Cali, and I won’t be able to see them. I am sorry about that, but I hope they understand. The Lobos are great folks, but the flight across the country and the hotels and food are too freaking expensive.

More later, be good and ride safe. Watch out for those school buses.


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