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Once a week

March 14, 2012

Seems like that is currently all I have enough fodder to write from. Really in boils down to I have been riding the same place every day for about the last two weeks. While Fountainhead has improved vastly since my last post about the place, riding there over and over has left me empty of words. Okay, truly, I am not at a loss for words, rather at a loss for funny (to me) words. Instead of posting random nonsense that is pointless (all of what I post is not worth posting) I sit an have been debating why gas prices are so high. Not Euro high, but pretty bad for here.

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There is not reason to say anything about the gas, as really I just don’t care, I mean drive, I intend to drive, I enjoy driving, I sold a car that got better gas milage for a FJ Cruiser that just looks way cooler and is a lot more fun to drive, so aside from the fact that I have been driving to the trailhead more lately than I should gas prices a not an issue. Run on sentence above for sure and now a fragment…. great writing.

Anyway, the reason for driving to the trailhead actually serves a purpose, which is to keep me alive. At least currently. The drivers on Hampton Road (the road I take to Fountainhead) have gotten much worse lately. I avoid the road all year on road rides because it is shoulderless and heavily residential with resident who seem to hate people on bicycles due to so many people riding at Fountainhead. I get it, I really do. People from all over the area (Maryland, Virginia, DC) and a lot of them use Hampton to get to the trails that it makes it an irritation for the people who live out there. But why little (okay big) ole me? What did I do? I mean when I drive the FJ maybe I put out too much carbon monoxide but when I ride? What did I do?

Seems to me this area really needs some road sharing awareness. Will it happen? Not here man! Most of these people work in government and have to get to DC to work and that means traffic. Once these “power brokers” or secretaries for the man next to the man next to the man who has power get out of the traffic they feel the need to drive recklessly and without worry about other road users. Off the horse.

Today I will take a bunch of pics and post them. Hope you all are well and be good out there. Cars are big and hurt when they hit you…..


Alive! I am alive.

March 8, 2012

Haven’t had much to write about. I went to Ohio to see my dad, so two days on the road and then road a few times.

A few pictures and then I am off taking off for the Willie walk. Today is going to be around 70 freaking degrees, I will ride today. Farther than yesterday for sure.

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