Mother Nature is trying to kill me

The pollen is so thick it feels like it literally bouncing off my eyes, skins and is just clinging to everything it touches. Not fun at all. Really I feel like the current weather is going to force me inside for a few days. Trees are lovely, flowering trees are wonderful, but I AM TIRED OF THEM RIGHT NOW. It would be nice if Spring would sprung and then go away.

Today should have been a great day for a ride except for the wind and the pollen. Well, if you are immune to pollen and love riding into the wind it would have been a great day, I however don’t like either wind and pollen. Struggling to get 13 miles from home while being (almost literally) attacked by Mother Nature was not fun. My bike is yellow from the pollen. Am I whining? Yes.

Tomorrow I will be out riding at Fountainhead. I want to and I am trying a new stem out. It is a bit shorter. After my little crash at EF I have decided the maybe I ride a bike a bit longer than I should. I wish I could have seen the crash. I think it must have looked good. Like Shaq rejecting me for a dunk. I suspect it felt about the same too.

I am off to get some new allergy eye drops so that hopefully I can see. I am driving to the Pharmacy, and if you read above, I would stay off the roads for the next hour or so…..

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