A quick one….

Had a good weekend. Mostly. Should have raced, but I forgot, yes, forgot. Oh well, I did an 80 mile road ride. It was fun. It wasn’t all road either. It was a road, gravel, and access road ride.

Fun. WIll I do the same ride again? No. I took a wrong turn and ended up doing the same road, almost completely, twice. Whatever, it was good.

Apparently my Fountainhead rant has garnered a whole bunch of trail conditions google search hits. Let me say this now. Fountainhead is in great shape. The new trails are really good, the old ones are the same and the middle aged ones are not very flowing or fun but required to be done to finish the loop. The middle aged ones retain water and are not great. Not the worst ever, but they really let the whole system down. One of these days I will write a new rant, mostly positive, but for now…..

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