Big chairs for big Americans!

Getting some health care today. Not dying just a bit ill. Sore throat aninconvience not death but getting care is always a little hard. My primary care doc can’t see me for 3weeks so do I head to the ER and sit hours or what? Well, or what. I am currently sitting In a normal sized chair waiting for my drugs, and trust me they aren’t good.

Some of these chairs are incredible, normal? Well mine is, most others are huge, like twice as big as normal. Are we as a group that large? This is for  the normal American ever larger chairs and ever larger people?  I hope not, because I am personally trying not to need size that is literally almost two seats for one person.  My lovely and wonderful and ever positive says the larger chairs are for kids and parent to sit in together…..  however all I see is on person who fits in the chair watching their kids run around and scream.  They should make smaller chairs for us so that maybe we would loose the weight and fit in the chairs.

I also cut my finger on a spinning disc rotor….  my advise, don’t do it.  Your finger will bleed a lot and then hurt a bit more and make you miss a race that I kind of wanted to do.  Aside from that, sitting around the house hoping to get healthy didn’t make me happy, in fact it made me pretty grumpy but very successful at Modern Warfare 3.  Not something to be very proud of.  Whatever.


Hope you folks are well, no sore throats out there and watch those fingers!


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